August 10th, 2012

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From: Justin Ferguson
Date: Thu, Aug 9, 2012 at 6:22 AM
Subject: Re: [TSCM-L] {6221} Domain Awareness System
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected]

I’m not entirely sure how this is new so to speak, they’ve had this
capability for years from the ‘trapwire’ system ( formerly
abraxas applications– a subdivision of intelligence contractor
abraxas and staffed almost exclusively by ex-CIA, see page 137 of
‘spies for hire’).

Per the stratfor email dump, the trapwire system contains
functionality like facial recognition and is installed at every HVT in
the continental US, in addition to Ottawa and Canada– but confirmed
in LA, NYC, NJ, DC, Las Vegas, et cetera. It’s essentially a system
setup to detect surveillance, so if you’ve ever taken a picture of
basically anything ‘important’ you probably flagged a ‘suspicious
activity report’ (SAR). It’s logged to a central database and then
cross-site reports are disseminated. If you’re familiar with the ‘see
something say something’ or ‘iWatch’ programs, that’s the public
reporting component, but in the email dumps when explaining similar
systems they note repeatedly that trapwire has the capability to walk
the cat back you just need a few pictures of the persons. From the
emails, what’s been enumerated specifically is NY/DC mass transit,
unspecified sections of LA, London Stock Exchange, Scotland Yard, #10
Downing, the White House. From googling, we can find that NJ transit,
all army bases, the department of energy, the marines, et cetera are
as well. No idea if they got the contract, but they were apparently
trying to get it into the Nigerian presidential palace as well.

It’s not just in public sector areas, it sounds like any big
corporation that wants in gets to link their CCTV/surveillance systems
into it as well– apparently, google, potentially Dell,
Wal-Mart, & Coca-cola, et cetera are all linked in.

Throughout the email dumps they repeatedly ask for non-attribution and
you have to google stalk quite a bit to really find much, but this
magazine has an article on it
and what’s been released of the stratfor emails contains a lot of
chatter about it and the parts that haven’t been released yet contain
quite a bit more.

I guess my biggest concern is that the parent company is the company
that at least used to develop NOC companies/persona’s for the agency,
several members of the executive board also sit on the ‘ntrepid
networks’ board– which produces the software to create online
persona’s/sock puppet accounts as part of Operation Earnest Voice for
DoD (,
that basically the entire executive staff and regular employee’s are
also ex-agency and I just refuse to believe that the CIA is passing up
such a golden opportunity to get into the surveillance feeds from
basically everywhere in the country (and all over London and Ottawa).

That doesn’t even include the tie in’s to DHS & their fusion centers,
the secret service accounts, etc etc. If you ask me, it sounds like
that system is the CIAs version of the Trailblazer project. We’ll have
to wait on FOIA requests to confirm that though. Another interesting
point is going to be that with foreign links, they (the CIA) have the
authority to spy on them, but I wonder how they keep clear of FISA &
their own charter/eo 12333/et cetera. I bet they dont.

I’ve been kind enough to CC several of the people behind trapwire in
case they have comments or want to further enlighten us, but I
wouldn’t hold my breath. Hopefully they make sure to thank Mr.
Burton’s big mouth for helping bring this to light.

Best Regards,

Justin N. Ferguson

From: Justin Ferguson
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected]
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Ah, I forgot a couple details & had some typos; when I said “Ottawa
and Canada”, I meant Ottawa and London. I totally forget Austin, et

Here’s a bunch of links to copy/pastes from stratfor emails detailing
a lot of what I had to say in the prior email. There’s like 10+ pages
of hits in the stratfor dumps, so it’s not all of it, just what I had
bookmarked while reading into it some.

centralized database, vegas hotels, linked sites, etc – NYC circa 2010 – Austin – note the
last paragraph – Texas border circa=
2009 – Talking
about images to analyze and walking the cat back – Trapwire for
certain citizens that are important, but not USSS important –
London Stock Exchange –
NYC, DC, Vegas, London, Ottawa, LA
– 1.8M for trapwire & equipment from Austin DPS
– trapwire on the desks of USSS CP, MI5, RCMP, LAPD CT, NYPD CT
– trapwire DC metro, National Park Police, etc – trapwire LAPD as a protot=
ype –
trapwire Army, Pentagon, USMC, Navy –
Trapwire 7 years circa 2011, National SAR Initiative (NSI), FBIs
eGuardian, Ft. Meade, etc –
Amtrack, DHS fusion centers, DC Metro
– “TrapWire is a technology solution predicated upon behavior patterns
in red
zones to identify surveillance. It helps you connect the dots over
time and distance.
– salesforce, google, DHS institute
– Nigerian Presidential Palace
– Scotland Yard, 10 Downing St, White House, Wal-Mart, Dell

More: Stratfor Emails Reveal Secret, Widespread TrapWire Surveillance System

Research Credit: luky

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  1. alvinroast Says:

    Noticed this gem in the Salesforce/Google email:


    KVUE Austin tv on Texas Capital security and new al Qaeda threats;

    Fox News LA tv on border violence and Mexican cartels that will air Monday, then distributed nationally.

    Next week, Stick and I have The Discovery Channel filming on terrorist plots.

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