Seattle Gun BuyBack Turns Into Gun Show

January 29th, 2013

Via: KPLU:

Seattle’s first effort in 20 years to give people money for turning in guns was so popular on Saturday it ran out of gift cards and had to end early. But even if you were one of the people who didn’t get there early enough, there were lots of opportunities outside the event to get money for your weapons.

Dozens of private buyers stood on the sidewalk under I-5 between First Hill and downtown offering stacks of cash for guns before the weapons are handed over to the police and melted down.

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  1. JWSmythe Says:

    Damn it, they took my idea.. I was hoping for a gun buyback where I live, so I could stock up.

    I don’t know about the law there, but here private sales are not tracked. There’s no need for the TV plot device of scratching off serial numbers, since the serial number only ties to the original sale, and/or sales through licensed gun stores.

    Weapons I’ve sold only go to people who I personally know could or have passed background checks.

  2. ENERGYMAN Says:

    To JWSmythe:

    If you are serious about your city having one you can always contact your mayor and see if he shows any interest.

    It might be a good idea to try to see how the cops and such would react to your activities. Even if it isn’t illegal, you know those guys.

    Also, check to see where any would be held….what type of property.

    You might get lucky and get one of these…


    I get mad every time I think of that story.

    If I knew her personally and found out she did that I would never talk to her again, erase her number from my contacts, etc.

    That level of stupidity will eventually prove to be dangerous given enough time. I mean that.

    Anyway, as a comment in general, these buyback programs are such a bad idea that it is laughable.

    Leave it up to a government agency to give criminals a way to destroy evidence.

    You kill someone, give the pistol to granma and have her give it to the cops to destroy.

    Or, do you have a $30.00 POS ? Turn it in and then buy 4 boxes of ammo for your glock.

    The thwarting of these buybacks by private buyers is the ONLY good thing to come out of these things.

    They are getting the guns off the streets and into their safes where they can’t be stolen and will not be used for crimes… and might be used to prevent one in the future.

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