Don’t Let Them Pull Out Your Teeth

February 2nd, 2013

Via: DailyKos:

A few years ago I was diagnosed with an advanced case of gum disease. I was showing pocket depths of 9s and 10s. Many of my teeth were actually loose. And it had become painful to eat certain foods.

My periodontist told me that in order to stop it from getting worse, I had to have as many as seven teeth pulled. Seven teeth! And, even with my insurance, it was going to cost many thousands of dollars.

The implications of this were devastating to me. Life-changing in some respects. As anyone with false teeth will tell you, it’s not a happy situation. From limiting what foods you eat, to actually altering your social behavior – including the way you smile – losing your teeth is no small affair.

Immediately, I found this: The nonsurgical treatment of patients with gum disease: results after five years. by Walter J. Loesche et al. (link)

I am not exaggerating when I say my heart jumped a beat. Could there be hope? I clicked on the link and saw this:


BACKGROUND: In a previous study involving patients seen at the dental clinic of the Detroit Receiving Hospital, the authors found that 87 percent of teeth initially recommended for surgery or extraction were spared those treatments by a combination of debridement [cleaning] and short-term usage of antimicrobial agents. The objective of the present study was to determine how long the surgery-sparing benefits of less invasive treatment would persist.

Research Credit: ottilie

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  1. ENERGYMAN Says:

    Thank you Kevin. Very timely for me.

    Don’t forget to read thru the comments as well…some really good and funny stuff in there. For example:
    “Years ago I had two old brothers who were farmers for neighbors. They NEVER went to a doc because they had “The BOOK” The book was an old leather bound medical book from way back so when one of them would get sick they would look up the symptoms and treat accordingly. The book was probably printed well before there were antibiotics. Anyway the one brother came down with some gum disease, I believe they said pyorrhoea or something and it got so bad he had to go to the dentist. The dentist told him what it was and that he needed his teeth pulled. He said he needed to consult with his brother.
    So, I’m driving by their farm and I see the infected brother sitting on the end gate of their truck with a cutting torch in his mouth being operated by his brother! I had to stop. What they were doing was treating his gum disease with the pure oxygen from the torch. They had read in The Book that this gum disease hated oxygen so they figured they would try treating it with the oxygen from the torch – no fire of course. Damned if it didn’t work. After a few of their home treatments his gum disease cleared up.”

    I’m going to try to find out the title to that book and get back at you.

  2. Kevin Says:

    I use food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted down to about 4%. That really helps my gums.

  3. prov6yahoo Says:

    The days of tooth decay may have past:

  4. mangrove Says:

    I had deep pockets in my gums and went to a periodontist for the deep cleaning a few years ago (not a pleasant experience, by any means). Given that I hate dental procedures and have been misdiagnosed on more than one occasion, I did some research and learned that tea tree oil is quite effective for preventing gum disease. I bought some toothpaste that contains tea tree oil and have been using it for about 3 years now and my gums are in great shape compared to before. Just my own experience. Your mileage may vary. Here’s a link that also suggests other alternative remedies:

  5. dale Says:

    Decades ago, my first venture into looking behind the curtain had a health angle and particularly eating good food, avoiding processed, etc. And through the years I’d floss, then stop, then start again. Anyway two years ago I knew I’d let my teeth go; bleeding while flossing had progressed from “that one tooth” to an area. Moving to a new town I went a new dentist – he gave me the low down; gum disease. My mind wandered as he droned on – operations, grafting, pulling teeth… I went home depressed, thinking “how did I let that happen?”

    I was bummed for about three hours then made my decision – I’m Not Doing It. Five minutes later I’m on the web reading about an ancient longevity practice; oil pulling. One tablespoon of sesame seed oil, swish in mouth twenty minutes, spit out. Obviously (and grossly) the viscosity drops over the twenty minutes as it (necessarily, beneficially) mixes with saliva. How could that work? Apparently, the bacteria that causes plaque and decay are absorbed into the oil. Hmmm

    Friday night fist try – holy shit, twenty minutes is a long time. Saturday morning again; did four minutes and had to spit …start over. Saturday night, again. Three times – then I floss Saturday night, no bleeding. No Bleeding! WTF? That’s impossible. Flat out impossible.

    Fast forward to today. Every morning brush, floss (quickly now with the plastic fork thing), put oil in mouth, shave, shower, spit, drink coffee. Breath great, loose teeth tightened up, teeth & gum strong – never stronger actually. My stomach is better too, of course. Damn it, I should have discovered this years ago.

    Another reason this comment is for the Cryptogon records; I’d decided years ago that if/when I was diagnosed with x-disease (cancer, whatever) I would not yield to ‘the system’ so to speak. I guess I lived up to that old commitment. And it was the right call. Don’t let THEM pull out YOUR teeth.

  6. dale Says:

    Edit: first try, not fist try

  7. Kevin Says:

    It’s interesting to hear about the oil pulling. I saw a thread on godlikeproductions years ago where dozens of people were reporting that this had worked for them. I’d forgotten about it.

    Also, someone asked me over email which toothpaste I use.

    We make our own toothpaste out of Xylitol, coconut oil, baking soda, Himalayan salt and peppermint oil.

  8. pookie Says:

    I use a toothpaste that has tea tree oil in it, plus use baking soda. A timely article from Dr. Mercola about minimally invasive dentistry, which mentions oil pulling, the use of baking soda, and re-mineralizing teeth:

  9. comradesimba Says:

    Hey Kevin – I use a 5 drop dose of snake oil in about 8 oz of warm water in the water pic. Finish with a diluted baking soda rinse (to neutralize the citric acid). I have a couple of teeth that should have been goners a few years ago that are still hanging on today.

    It’s been what, three years or so since you first linked up the MMS site? I can’t remember. Anyway, pre snake oil I had 3 teeth pulled… post snake oil zero.

    Non clinical for sure, but hey, I’m just a broke down grower of turnips.

    Best to you and the family,
    the comrade

  10. Kevin Says:

    @comradesimba Are you saying that you used the MMS? Is that what you mean by snake oil?

  11. alvinroast Says:

    I have to second what dale said about oil pulling. It’s not easy to keep it in your mouth for twenty minutes so I would put it in my mouth and leave it in while taking a shower. While I can’t say for sure it helps with other health issues it seems to help the teeth and gums.

    @Kevin – You should post the exact recipe for your toothpaste – Farmlet Toothpaste TM. One more good use for coconut oil.

  12. Kevin Says:

    We’ve gone to a Use-The-Force-Luke method for this. We just mix it up until it’s right. I’m sure someone has a recipe out there that’s better than:

    A lot of Xylitol. (Maybe a cup)

    A little bit of baking soda. (Maybe a tablespoon)

    Enough coconut oil to make it gooey.

    A pinch of good salt. We use the pink Himalayan salt.

    A few drops of peppermint oil.

    Stir well.

  13. Miraculix Says:

    As one possible alternative to Capt. Flaherty’s DIY Toothpaste, here’s how we go about things in a very similar vein. Much like the North Island recipe, the levesl are “ad hoc”, according to taste…

    1) Using a small glass jar (+/-8 oz.) with a sealing lid, warm approximately half a jar of raw (unpasteurized) cococut oil to a liquid state. Very little heat is required.

    2) First, add your choice of vital aromatic oils, stir briefly. I’ve settled on a pleasant mix of mint, cinnamon, lemon & anise oils. Experiment.

    3) Add three generous teaspoons of stevia powder and stir gently until the stevia dissolves fully. If your oil is too hot, the stevia will clump. At the right ratio, the stevia counters the baking soda’s bitterness without any heavy aftertaste.

    4) Finally, add baking soda slowly — a spoonful at a time — stirring each into the liquid before adding another. How much is enough? I basically fill the decorative jar we use, which creates a nice flavor balance between the stevia & sodium carbonate.

    Been thinking about experimenting with Himalayan salt in the recipe, based on a review of Rami Nagel’s data as my wife was proofing the recently completed German translation of his thoroughly researched book “Cure Tooth Decay”.

    I’ll leave the off the Amazon link, so Kevin can post an affiliate link should he deem it apropos.

  14. comradesimba Says:

    Oh yeah – I call MMS snake oil just for laughs. I use it all the time for colds and flu. Irrigate with the water pic 4 or 5 times a week. Cut a finger 3/4 of the way off, stuck it back in place with tape and gassed it with snake oil. Still fills out a glove and works just fine.

    I remember you saying it made you nauseous at higher dosages… the new method of use is a 2 or 3 drop dose every hour for 8 hours. I just got done killing a real nasty upper respiratory lung infection using that method for 3 days. No gag taste at all, though remembering it on the hour is kinda hard.

    Want me to email you a more in depth reply?

  15. pookie Says:

    It’s best to avoid xylitol if you have dogs or ferrets as pets:

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