Cops Nab 5-Year-Old for Wearing Wrong Color Shoes to School

February 8th, 2013

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In Mississippi, if kindergarteners violate the dress code or act out in class, they may end up in the back of a police car.

A story about one five-year-old particularly stands out. The little boy was required to wear black shoes to school. Because he didn’t have black shoes, his mom used a marker to cover up his white and red sneakers. A bit of red and white were still noticeable, so the child was taken home by the cops.

The child was escorted out of school so he and his mother would be taught a lesson.

Ridiculous? Perhaps. But incidents such as this are happening across Mississippi. A new report, “Handcuffs on Success: The Extreme School Discipline Crisis in Mississippi Public Schools,” exposes just how bad it’s become.

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  1. PeterofLoneTree Says:

    “Thank god for Mississippi.” — My first wife Victoria. When I asked for an explanation she replied that it was the only state in the union which had a worse school system than Arkansas, which was where she was from.

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