Nissan: Multiple Autonomous Drive Vehicle Models Available by 2020

August 28th, 2013

Via: Nissan:

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced that the company will be ready with multiple, commercially-viable Autonomous Drive vehicles by 2020. Nissan announced that the company’s engineers have been carrying out intensive research on the technology for years, alongside teams from the world’s top universities, including MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Carnegie Mellon and the University of Tokyo.

2 Responses to “Nissan: Multiple Autonomous Drive Vehicle Models Available by 2020”

  1. anothernut Says:

    Definitely one of those products where I’m going to wait for 2.0 (at least).

  2. erth2karin Says:

    Hallelujah –
    The grade-schoolers of today will never know the oppression of not being able to tweet while driving.
    On the other hand, millions of people won’t have to fear being crushed by some kid or bimbo in a Silverado texting “i no, rite?”

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