Fukushima Radiation Levels 18 Times Higher than Previously Admitted

September 2nd, 2013

This is definitely one for your Not The Onion file folder.

Via: BBC:

Radiation levels around Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant are 18 times higher than previously thought, Japanese authorities have warned.

Last week the plant’s operator reported radioactive water had leaked from a storage tank into the ground.

It now says readings taken near the leaking tank on Saturday showed radiation was high enough to prove lethal within four hours of exposure.

The plant was crippled by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

The Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) had originally said the radiation emitted by the leaking water was around 100 millisieverts an hour.

However, the company said the equipment used to make that recording could only read measurements of up to 100 millisieverts.

The new recording, using a more sensitive device, showed a level of 1,800 millisieverts an hour.

2 Responses to “Fukushima Radiation Levels 18 Times Higher than Previously Admitted”

  1. steve holmes Says:

    At the rate that radioactive waste water is being generated on site, it is a foregone conclusion that they will soon be pumping ALL OF IT straight into the ocean. There is simply no room for storage facilities. This is abou to be recognized as the greatest tragedies in the history of mankind, and yet all they are doing is pounding sand while the “manage” a chrisis that is totally beyond control. Those clueless bastards should be shot.

  2. JWSmythe Says:

    Here’s the conversions and the safe levels for those who don’t have them memorized, and can’t do the mental math (including me)

    Annual maximum external dose (not consumed) as occupational hazard: 50 rems

    Annual maximum for the general public (internal and external): 0.1 rem

    Hourly output from Fukushima: 180 rems

    So in 16.6 minutes, someone on site has received the maximum *yearly* dose.

    In 1 hour, 23.3 minutes, an employee has received the maximum *lifetime* dose, assuming the employee had never been exposed to any radiation, including background radiation.





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