$19M AIDS Vaccine Fraud

December 26th, 2013

The remarkable thing here is that he was busted.

Via: Medical Daily:

Iowa State University researcher, Dr. Dong-Pyou Han, resigned after news broke of an investigation into the validity of his AIDS research. Han is believed to have tampered with research results for a possible AIDS vaccine.

“At Iowa State’s request, the research samples in question were examined by researchers at another university; they confirmed samples had been spiked,” ISU spokesman John McCarroll wrote in an email to the Des Moines Register. “He later admitted responsibility and resigned from Iowa State, effective Oct. 4, 2013.”


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3 Responses to “$19M AIDS Vaccine Fraud”

  1. steve holmes Says:

    How does one simply resign from stealing $19 million?

    Reminds me of the three trillion that disappeared from the pentagon just before Dov Zacheim resigned…for which he was never even mentioned as a suspect, even though he was the pentagon comptroller.

  2. tal Says:

    and it doesn’t even include fraud/corruption:

    Why Most Published Research Findings Are False

  3. sharon Says:

    I’ve heard of this kind of thing before–a university producing faked studies and then selling their supposed “findings” to a pharmaceutical company for development. The university gets paid, the professor who takes credit for the research (done by a graduate student) is lauded by the university and in the media, and the company that paid for the bogus research gets ripped off.

    This stuff is starting to sound commonplace.

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