Afghan Base Bombed During Cheney Visit

February 27th, 2007

Man, it’s not easy for Cheney these days. Aircraft trouble, now this…


Via: The Australian:

A SUICIDE bomber killed as many as 20 people outside the main US base in Afghanistan today, coinciding with a visit to the base by US Vice President Dick Cheney. Mr Cheney was not hurt, according to his spokeswoman.

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3 Responses to “Afghan Base Bombed During Cheney Visit”

  1. wolfpigeon Says:

    It was the Iranians right?

  2. Eileen Says:

    Can I laugh out loud about this or what? I wonder how many Americans driving to work today said to themselves (as I did) – DARN THEY MISSED! No one supposedly knew that Cheney was staying where he did last night except Cheney’s keeper’s. If the purported “Al Quaeda” crew (an invention of the Ashcroft))was attempting to wipe out Dark Dick, as the rumor has it, well then Bush and Co. just screwed up again. What kind of paper bag does this crew need for us to develop so’s that they can punch their way out of it? to get Something right. Long live DARTH CHENEY.

  3. George Kenney Says:

    Maybe his ‘luck’ will come to the US and we will get to see a live demo of OPERATION FALCON.

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