And Now… Former CIA Officer: ‘A Lot of Communication’ Between ISIS, Mexican Cartels

August 21st, 2014

U.S. Intelligence Connections to Mexican Cartels – Check

U.S. Funded and Armed “ISIS” – Check

Southern Border of U.S. Left Wide Open On Purpose – Check

Back on 20 June, I wrote the following about the border mess:

So what you have here is some sort of scam designed to get Americans to accept a “solution” that wouldn’t be accepted under anything like normal circumstances. The poor immigrants are being used as props.

Maybe the purpose of the border catastrophe is coming into focus…


Maybe some of this is being ordered up for inside The Homeland.

Here’s Cheney to enlighten us:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney was on “Hannity” to discuss the threat of ISIS and the horrific beheading of American journalist James Foley.

“After watching this [beheading] video, I’m pretty convinced that we have a group of people at war with us. Would you agree with that?” Hannity asked.

“Absolutely,” Cheney said, calling ISIS “very much a threat to the United States” and to our friends and allies.

While Cheney said the beheading of an American reporter is a terrible development, he cautioned, “Magnify that a million times over because that’s what’s in store for the rest of the world if we don’t deal effectively with this crisis.”

Whatever Cheney and the gang are going to do this time, I hope it doesn’t involve a mushroom cloud.

Via: Breitbart:

Former CIA covert operations officer Mike Baker said that he believes there is “a lot of communication” between ISIS and Mexican drug cartels given past efforts by al Qaeda to do likewise on Thursday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

“We’ve had good intel over the years about al Qaeda, about their efforts to coordinate with, as an example, Mexican cartels…in an effort to try to exploit our southern border” he reported, adding that a terrorist group like ISIS “absolutely” knows about the lack of security on the border.

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  1. mangrove Says:

    The first video below is the most important — it contains segments from a 2012 talk by Sgt. Dan Page who is speaking to Oathkeepers and coming across as a whistleblower and truthteller about what’s to come…. and it all just so happens to be a little bit too prescient for the current situation, not just in Ferguson but he even mentions Ukraine and Muslim beheadings. In 2012. But now, just the other day, in Ferguson, he’s the older cop who’s bullying the people around in what appears to be a very contrived, staged agit-prop event with CNN’s Don Lemon. Who’s side is he on?



    Foley Beheading done with CPR DOLL

  2. Eileen Says:

    Sorry to be so cynical, but every time Dick Cheney opens his mouth I do get very suspicious of everything he talks about. Wondering what his stake is in Haliburton is these days, and whoah, did the Army audit agency ever substain any unallowable costs on those contracts in Iraq?
    And whoah, do you think Cheney is going manufacture another war to send his Haliburton “we here to help” for another manufactured bogeyman? No, Yes, Yes, and Yes.
    I can’t believe that Cheney was born under the sign of Aquarius. He is so anti humankind. Appalling to me that he still gets air time, even on Faux news. Hannity should be ashamed of himself for even talking to Cheney. Wonders never cease.

  3. cryingfreeman Says:

    Speaking of mushroom clouds, some off-beat context to the open border issue from Jeff Nyquist (scroll down to 23rd June 2014 – “The Homicidal Versus the Suicidal”) – LINK:

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