DDOS on Cryptogon Underway

June 14th, 2016

Update: Latest Attack

Last night’s antics.


Update: Some of the Attacking Machines

People are saying that other alternative news sites have recently been attacked. Here are some of the IPs that attacked Cryptogon, if any other admins was to see if they were hit by the same IPs. This isn’t a complete list at all. This is just me flicking through the log for some of the worst offenders:

I had Wordfence set to cooldown abusive clients, but it didn’t work, for some reason. Or maybe Wordfence was trying to track so many attackers, it pulled me down. I don’t know right now. I have to go through the log more carefully. Also, the attackers realized that my RSS feed was undefended, and decided to hammer on that as well—in case you’re wondering why the RSS feed is gone.

If you notice anything different on here, it’s because I’m trying to keep the site up.

I lost control for about 12 hours after the G4S update to the Orlando post. While I couldn’t access the server admin area, the public facing parts of the site were throwing various database and server configuration errors to visitors.

Anyway, I’m still turning a few wrenches under the hood…

And thanks, CloudFlare, I’m-Under-Attack mode works well.

3 Responses to “DDOS on Cryptogon Underway”

  1. cryingfreeman Says:

    Now we know why the DDOS attack came.

    I’m now thinking the window for red pill people to do anything worthwhile online, be it a blog or even a mundane legitimate business, is rapidly closing.

  2. anothershamus Says:

    I saw that Kunstler.com was down as well. Is there a concerted attack on alternative news websites?

  3. itsalltoomuch Says:

    For the past week or two, several people I know have been having all sorts of new computer issues. Mine keeps freezing and downloading things and then operating on its own to do things like erase what I just typed or the icons on my desktop, etc.. I’m not computer savvy and can’t afford to go to the repair shop over and over. But now it has put some icons back and isn’t erasing anymore. Who knows? Sometimes I think malware doesn’t come from hackers in their attics but from certain well-paid employees in their high-tech offices.

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