CDC Issues Historic Travel Warning Over Miami Zika Outbreak

August 1st, 2016

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Bonus: Florida!

Via: CNN:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an unprecedented travel warning Monday, advising pregnant women and their partners not to travel to a small community just north of downtown Miami, where Zika is actively circulating. This is the first time the CDC has warned people not to travel to an American neighborhood for fear of catching an infectious disease, according to agency spokesman Tom Skinner.

The warning came after 10 additional people in Florida were found to have been infected with Zika virus after being bitten by local mosquitoes, bringing the total to 14.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott and CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden announced the development in separate news conferences Monday. The new cases were found by door-to-door surveys of 200 people in their homes and businesses, and they were identified by urine and blood samples that tested positive for the virus or an antibody.

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  1. tal Says:

    There is still, in spite all the money thrown at it, zero evidence linking zika to microcephaly.

    There is also zero evidence linking zika to anything other than a moderate, self-limiting, flu-like illness, in most people.

    That the virus can still be found in body fluids weeks after infection is indicative of … no one knows… For all anyone knows, ANY virus could be found in body fluids weeks after infection. It’s not something we’ve been testing for.

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