NSA Contractor’s Alleged Theft ‘Breathtaking’ in Scope

October 20th, 2016

Via: Baltimore Sun:

The alleged theft of classified documents by a former NSA contractor from Glen Burnie was “breathtaking” in its scope, federal authorities said in a court filing Thursday, including information produced over two decades that detailed some of the country’s most sensitive intelligence operations.

Authorities seized some 50,000 gigabytes of digital information from Martin’s home and car, which they raided in late August. Authorities have produced no evidence that Martin shared the information he took with anyone, but the volume of data involved potentially dwarfs the amount that Edward Snowden, another agency contractor, shared with news organizations.

Prosecutors said Martin began stealing material when he first obtained a security clearance in 1996 — when Snowden was in middle school — and continued until he was arrested.

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