Former State Department Official Claims Elements of U.S. Intelligence Engaged in Counter Coup Against Clinton

November 2nd, 2016

Update: Pieczenik’s Website Remains Down, but He’s Still Posting to Twitter

Twitter: Steve Pieczenik

He just mentioned the Franklin coverup. My only guess is that Pieczenik and his group are letting the Clintons know that a nuclear option will be used against them unless they back down.

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Via: Steve Pieczenik:

Research Credit: dale

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  1. brandon Says:

    I’m not sure what to make of this. This is very confusing. I saw this on inforwars 1st??

  2. NH Says:

    Dr Pieczenik–quite the guy. Deputy Asst Secretary of State for Kissinger, Vance, Schultz and Baker. Fluent in 5 languages including Russian. CIA psychiatrist. Business partner with author Tom Clancy. Prolific author of fiction and non fiction, including a 2007 research paper listed as a “top-10 most cited” for that year: Mitochondrial dysfunction and molecular pathways of disease.

    Turns out, he focussed on a very important subject (See Dr Terry Wahls, etc.). Mitochondrial health is a big deal in keeping us out of the clutches of chronic disease:


    In 2002, Pieczneik told Alex Jones Bin Laden had been already dead for months (at ¾ into this long transcript):

    He started naming the groups and individuals who were really behind 9/11 about five years ago.

    Will the crazies finally get put back in the box, or will they get away with false flagging us into a world war?

  3. cryingfreeman Says:

    @NH, I wouldn’t rule out the whole shebang, Pieczenik’s part included, as being false flag and that it could be Hillary who has been set up to appear unelectable, and thus fail, rather than Trump.

    All of this is based on the model that the Deep State prefers a patriotic Republican president to be in charge when WW3 comes and that it wants Russia (and perhaps China) to strike first, so that it can play victim.

    In turn, that assumes old Cold War models of Mutually Assured Destruction, Launch on Warning and Launch on Launch no longer apply, and of course, if you look into it, you see that the US strategic forces posture for 2 decades has been dictated by Bill Clinton’s PDD-60, that is, to absorb a first strike without immediate retaliation, whereas Russia has always remained on a first strike footing. It’s a positive invitation to any emboldened and heavily armed foe to nuke America.

  4. NH Says:

    There is value in considering a wide range of scenarios of course. For me, the Russian first strike scenario is way down the list of worries. One blog that offers comprehensive analysis of Russia is Catherine Austin Fitts does a quarterly pod cast with the Saker that is very good:

    The Neocons and their financial viper cronies (who looted Russia during the Clinton 90’s by the way), appear to think that a big war is the only way for most of them to get out from under all their genocidal and financial crimes of the last 25 years. In that scenario, their southern hemisphere bolt-holes will become home sweet home. Of course, because of the various Sampson Options they’ve put in their back pocket and can hold over humanity indefinitely, the biggest dogs of that crew will likely get away no matter what happens.

  5. cryingfreeman Says:

    @NH: Saker is pretty blatant Kremlin-ganda, you do know that?

    Russia’s economy is heavily reliant on the export of hydrocarbs to Europe. Hence the current Baltic “Nordstream” and Russia’s ownership of much of the downstream infrastructure deep into western Europe. Even as I sit typing this in Latvia, with half a foot of early winter snow outside, I enjoy the heat Russian gas provides!

    Anyway, imagine a pro-West Syria. Suddenly, the Anglo globalist desire for a Russia-countering South Stream pipeline becomes possible, with product routed through Turkey, leaving Russia’s already hurting economy (thanks to the current sanctions) in an even more precarious state. And with it, risking the loss of Putin’s support at home.

    Personally, I feel Russia is being pushed into a corner, leaving it with two options:

    1. Try to take out its main adversary while it possesses the means and moral argument to do so (the latter being the subject of frenetic daily propaganda in Russia), and thus secure its own economic interests and remove geopolitical enemies from its doorstep, or,

    2. Cower before the Anglo globalists and accept the brevity of its flirtation with prosperity. And then await the inevitable overthrow of its ruling caste.

    Interesting times, but terrible times all the same.

  6. cryingfreeman Says:

    Steve Pieczenik has just released another video. And it’s dripping with red flags (about him and his agenda) for anyone switched on…

  7. NH Says:

    Update: Latest Cryptogon headline: U.S. Govt. Hackers Ready To Hit Back If Russia Tries To Disrupt Election. Translation:The Neocon Rats are cornered and the World is now in maximum danger.

    What I find is this: The Saker brings to the table a combination of honesty, depth of knowledge about current Russian dynamics and Russian history, that is unmatched anywhere else.

    He is an Orthodox Christian with Russian roots, which does put him in alignment with the majority of Russians on worldview, but the alignment is with the now resurgent Russian culture from 100 years ago, pre-Bolshevik/pre-USSR.

    Having said all that, I’m always on the lookout for good sources of information. If you had to boil it down to just one journalist/website, and given that a person always needs to keep a robust propaganda filter in place, what source would you recommend to someone focused on the above three criteria?

    More generally, it would seem to be an efficient way to communicate for people commenting at websites, to just include a short list of their favorite information sources. Maybe we could just both stipulate the Cryptogon is at or near the top of our list. Anything Les Visible—He’s got 4 sites The archives at this site are your ticket out of the stupid astrophysics of the last 100 years.

    We need a reset with Russia for the good of the World. People need to better understand just what kind of a genocide the Russian people went through under the western banker-funded Bolsheviks.

    To imagine what the West has in mind for Syria doesn’t take much effort: to reduce what’s left of it to rubble. Or just look at Libya, which not long ago had the highest standard of living in Africa by far.

    Contrast THAT picture with what Russia recently brought to the ruins of Palmyra, newly liberated from ISIS/ISIL:

    I agree Russia is being pushed hard—they are the #1 impediment to the new banker world order. But no, I don’t AT ALL believe they intend a first stike.

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