Open Thread: President Elect Trump

November 9th, 2016

Well, I got that totally wrong.

I very honestly believed that Hillary Clinton was going to preside over the next phase of the collapse of the U.S.

I struggle for words to express how badly I was dreading another Clinton regime. That bitch (and the scum around her) would have very definitely continued to implode the U.S.

While I’m very happy that she lost, I’m definitely not celebrating the Trump win.

At least the situation is far more interesting now!

The thing about Trump that scares the crap out of me the most is his pledge to round up people who are in the U.S. illegally. I’m very much for securing the border. I’m not for mass arrests. Danger. Danger. Red flag.

What’s he going to do? Deploy the U.S. Marines to places like Santa Ana and wide swaths of Los Angeles County?

Good luck with that.

Is this an improvement over Clinton’s apparent desire to start a war with the Russia, which could ultimately result in mushroom clouds?

See these stories:

Could Hillary Clinton Start a World War? Sure as Hell She Could – and Here’s How


The Lethal Lie of Hillary Clinton: Saving Lives with a No-Fly Zone in Syria

Anyway, I’ve been mumbling to myself for the past couple of hours, trying to understand how this Trump victory could have happened.

Did Trump win it fair and square? (From what we know about the lack of security with the electronic voting systems, I’d treat any result as arbitrary.)

Did Trump have help from Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik’s “counter coup” elements in the intelligence world?

A Cryptogon reader suggested that Trump could be installed so that the elite could collapse the system and then blame it all on Trump and the people who voted for him. Just like that, *poof*, the disastrous last few decades of Bush regimes (which include Reagan, Clinton and Obama) are transmuted into a vague stew of amnesia and hate for Trump. Is this in play?

Is there some other explanation?

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17 Responses to “Open Thread: President Elect Trump”

  1. tochigi Says:

    the coorrupt, arrogant, smug, corpotate-fascists that own the DNC handed Trump the presidency. anyone, anyone–even Homer Simpson–could have beaten Trump, except the despised HRC. she was the only possible candidate who could have lost to Trump. make of that what you will…

  2. Kevin Says:

    I’m not able to find it, but someone either left a comment on Cryptogon or emailed me suggesting that Hillary was in the race to get Trump elected, not the other way around, the way I thought it was playing out. I remember laughing at the time and thinking, no, no, no, it’s can’t be that.


  3. Kevin Says:

    Bernie would have annihilated Trump. I thought the screwing over Bernie got was just team Hillary doing what they do. Now, I wonder if there’s more to it.

    It will be very interesting to see if HRC is prosecuted under the Trump regime! Man, wouldn’t that be something if she’s allowed to slip away after all of this?

  4. cryingfreeman Says:

    I know this will upset or irritate those who are delighted that Trump won, but I stand by the premise that voting is merely the proles being allowed to rattle their chains while the Deep State tyrannically decrees who its figurehead will be. Or more plainly, Trump won because the Deep State chose him over Hillary.

    Having said that, the period between now and the inauguration should be considered strategically sensitive and may, through its stability or otherwise, reveal more of the Deep State’s actual intentions.

    I’m certainly pleased that Hillary and her politically correct cabal and all those music industry sluts have been slapped in the face; I have no doubt, progressive liberalism is the number one visible national security threat to every western nation and its leading exponents have to be curtailed (with the hope that the twitbook go-along-to-get-along virtue-signalling self-censoring snowflakes will sanitise their verbiage accordingly).

    However, like you Kevin, I am not sold on Trump. For one, he is plainly not and never has been, a true conservative. His hostility to whistleblowers, his support for the gay agenda and other matters prove him to be lacking in that regard. But the thing about Trump is that, by being far less ostentatiously liberal than Hillary, he assumes the appearance of being far to her right and thus holds populist appeal. He may not be a true conservative, but compared to her… you get the idea. So yes, he would be an ideal war president, perceived by the patriots as somewhat Churchillian one suspects.

    If things remain calm to the inauguration, the next big milestone for me will be how he actually deals with Russia and the general geopolitical situation around the globe. I note that Putin today, in his congratulations message, reminded him of his statement on improving US-Russian relations. Putin’s motives are not as plain, I would venture, as they appear, but that’s another matter.

    In sum then, while I hope it portends peace in our time, there are things about it all that whisper psyop to my paranoid mind. As you say, the round-ups thing… Steve Pieczenik… I think we’re being played.

  5. cryingfreeman Says:

    Kevin, that was me, but I accidentally posted it one the wring thread and then I think you deleted it for that reason.

  6. imark Says:

    The guy who runs this blog has an interesting take on it all. There is yet another level of deception going on as part of a gloablist script that will oversee the transition away from empire in the US to saviors from the East on their way to one world government. Food for thought.

  7. Kevin Says:

    @cryingfreeman Oh yes, thanks for reminding me. I emailed you asking you to resubmit it because I can’t move comments from one post to another.

    Anyway, here’s your comment:

    If it’s as legit as it looks, it reinforces my Trump theory, viz, that maybe the Deep State has chosen him to be the WW3 president.

    The alt-right media is obsessed with Hillary as warmonger (which she is), but I suspect the Deep State’s model for WW3 is to play the outraged victim card after pushing Russia into a position in which they have no choice but to try to take down the Anglo West with a first strike. Trump, as populist, would have much greater appeal to the rednecks they need to carry the ensuing conventional war to Russia with than Hillary ever could.

    (As an aside, I take the view that nuclear war today would begin with all-out nuclear strikes and then go conventional, which is the reverse of the Cold War model).

  8. Calm Says:

    This was an anti-free trade vote.

    Americans see themselves as U.S. citizens and not citizens of the world.

    Coincidentally, in various forums I forecasted a win for Trump (with exactly 278 EC votes) many months ago and only if he harped time after time about Free Trade.


  9. rototillerman Says:

    Color me deeply suspicious as well. It would be, ummm, uncharacteristic if the Deep State didn’t own both candidates. For me, a very telling piece of evidence will be this: an amazing amount of material (thank you, wikileaks) has come out about what a piece of damaged goods HRC is and how corrupt the Clinton Foundation is… will that be swept under the rug the way Obama swept the lies and war crimes of George W. Bush under the rug? I’ll also be watching closely to see what Trump’s relationship to Wall Street is going to be – will he populate his administration with a bunch of insiders the way Obama did? One of the more interesting emails that came out of wikileaks informed us that in late 2008 Citibank proposed a diversity-based cabinet that later turned out to be pretty much exactly the people that Obama selected… a coincidence, I’m sure.

    Interesting times.

  10. dale Says:

    I can’t get past the reality that “we are being played” but I also can’t overlook that there are things that can be taken, almost, at face value. One example was the blatant media propaganda that literally freaked people out, for the very first time. As yuge as the differences are between them though, it was always a trick bag, and it’s “minor course corrections on the way to oblivion.” America is destined to regret the outcome, no matter who it was.

  11. Kevin Says:

    KA writes:

    Hey Kevin, for some reason Bluehost thinks I am spam so I can’t include the links that I want to. I think he beat her. I think he (really) beat her by such a huge margin they couldn’t steal it (the only way to beat her).
    This first link is obviously a few months old but the data is significant. I would go mine my own more current data but avoid Facepalm LSO’s like the plague

    The first link was an article titled: Social Media Patterns Show Trump Is Looking At A Landslide Victory Breitbart

    The second link is much more current: Trump Has 12 Her Participation Rallies Gateway Pundit

    Lichtman called it too.

    I like the Jeffrey St. Claire article on Counterpunch today.

    Let the controlled demolition of the economy begin. I’m hoping WW3 and TTP on the scrap heap will make up for the shitty appointments and plans he’s already spewed less painful. I also think he’s 5x more likely to be assassinated than Obama ever was. Unless of course he backs away from that CFR rhetoric.

    Here we go.

  12. Kevin Says:

    RP Writes:

    Hi Kevin.

    I wanted to comment on Trump’s win and your prediction of a happening occurring around election but I couldn’t cause it says I can’t register.

    Just wanted to put forward two possibilities:

    1) Elites no longer need cheap Mexican labor because automation and perma-recession is coming. Instead of just prosecuting businesses that violate employment law, they can now use these obsolete people as an excuse to build security infrastructure (wall, etc.) and expand DHS.

    Trump is also very pro-Israel and anti-Iran. Obama was actually disliked by the Israelis. Trump corrects this and galvanizes Americans for even more Middle East involvement. He can also break down the leftist (Occupy Wall St type) sentiment of the Obama era that was becoming a liability.

    2) Other possibility is: system sure is rigged, but not nearly as strictly controlled as some think. Elites are fallible, corrupt, defective psychos just like the Clintons, and the Clintons went so far that not even their network could cover it up anymore.

    The neocons had played out their hand in the Republican Party and they’re all old and delusional. Trump was well known in elite circles, allied with some of them (like Adelson) and played to win.

    If Trump doesn’t prosecute them (and Obama) it isn’t necessarily evidence he’s in on it. He has an interest in coopting people and keeping the government stable. If he just started rounding people up and running high treason trials, chaos may ensue. Many people still admire these corrupt psychos. They wouldn’t be able to wrap their heads around it.

    That said, I actually find it ridiculous people would claim Trump is “easy” to defeat or that his votes are fake. He is a charismatic billionaire, a household name, a guy who knows exactly what people want to hear. White middle America is getting fucked over and millions of illegals are everywhere. Over the last decade the left in the USA has become an anti-white anti-male lynch mob. They don’t even give a shit about labor or the environment anymore. It was a matter of time till someone like Trump started realtalking and filling stadiums. The votes are real. He won. And the media and the major parties spent hundreds of millions (billions?) trying to stop him.

    If you want to see an odd synchronicity about Trump presidency watch this. His presidency was also foreshadowed in Quantum Leap and elsewhere.

  13. Duros Says:

    100% called it. Trump by a landslide. People are beyond fed up with the corruption, give them a quarter of a chance and they will take it. Not going to speculate on the next 4 years, let the chips fall where they may. Trump is the mob candidate (by affiliation), Kennedy came from a family of rum runners.

    Congrats internet. We couldn’t have done it without you. Power to the people.

  14. spongeluke Says:

    Trump has a lot of long standing deep state / mafia ties via individuals like Roy Cohn and Felix Sater, orgs like Resorts International. I’m sure they have enough dirt on him to have him by the balls. He has made a career out of putting a nice face on shady deals. Whatever they want, they’ll get exactly what they need out of him.

    The ultimate irony is the cheerleading by growing far right when he has made a career out of surrounding himself with Zionist Jews. I still can’t wrap my head around it.

  15. Duros Says:

    The way I look at it, rolled dice, vs. an elevator chute to WW3. Shady as he may be, he can negotiate from a shitheap of debt. Would he have ever made it anywhere (esp in mega real estate) without playing the Zionist game? The next 4 years is undetermined. We’ll see. He mostly made his own money, he’s smart, and a good business man. America could have done worse, for sure.

  16. Kevin Says:

    “…rolled dice, vs. an elevator chute to WW3”

    Sums it up pretty well.

  17. quintanus Says: If you look at this exit poll – the whites voted the same as 2012, but age 18-29 voted 5% more republican and voted for Clinton somewhat similar to rates of older people despite that group being less white recently. The poorest group, and asians/latinos/black also shifted more republican.

    My aunt was a poll worker in Colorado and their machines in the whole state went down for 45 min due to a problem with a central computer (seriously?!). Here in Portland, OR, a sour grapes protest started at 4 and is still going strong at 10:30pm now, with new waves of mostly younger people showing up on bicycles, motorcycles, and hot rods (spinning wheels to make smoke). They’ve totally looped around downtown and entered the freeway 2-3 times. I was there a couple hours before going home to watch a livestream and it was one of the only protests where I’ve entered the freeway. In previous Iraq war protests, I remember police kettling and arresting everyone for threatening to enter the freeway. The police have been totally hands off, and they shut down I84 in both directions before protesters even arrived. They keep chanting the MDC(band) line “no trump, no KKK, no fascist USA”. None of them had a Clinton yard sign I bet.

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