Virtual Reality Allows the Most Detailed, Intimate Digital Surveillance Yet

December 26th, 2016

Via: The Intercept:

But as the tech industry continues to build VR’s social future, the very systems that enable immersive experiences are already establishing new forms of shockingly intimate surveillance. Once they are in place, researchers warn, the psychological aspects of digital embodiment — combined with the troves of data that consumer VR products can freely mine from our bodies, like head movements and facial expressions — will give corporations and governments unprecedented insight and power over our emotions and physical behavior.

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  1. Duros Says:

    I don’t think they can read expressions without adding a bunch of custom extra sensors to your headset.

    “Yotta Technologies, a VR company based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, claims its platform can detect a user’s emotional state using an array of sensors mounted to a VR headset, reading microexpressions by tracking eye and muscle movements in the face.”

    At this point though, Gmail and all of those “smart” TV’s, mp3 hubs etc. are probably a bigger aggregating factor for advertising.

    Unplug your internet if you use VR is the message I get out of this, advertising execs will try to ruin everything they can.

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