L.A. Coliving: PodShare

January 11th, 2017

This looks like someone turned a Kafkaesque Japanese capsule hotel inside out and dressed it up with some hip millennial bullshit.

Are young people sleepwalking into living like upper class bums and thinking that it’s somehow a cool thing?

Children, gather around: This is bum living with running water and wi-fi.

I have nothing against people for living like bums. I’ve done it. It can be a good tactical move. What I’m curious about is how, between the early 2000s and now, living like a bum became something for cool kids to do?

Well paying jobs are gone and not coming back. It’s getting more expensive to survive. Collapse. Etc.

Have we moved beyond calling it what it is?

I was talking about this PodShare thing with my wife, and how I found it inexplicable that young people could possibly like this. She theorized that it might have something to do with Facebook. They’re so used to disgorging such ridiculous amounts of personal information over social media that living in a place with no privacy, and Bob farting in the next bunk over, might seem normal to them.

I don’t know.

Anyway, behold…

Via: Kirsten Dirksen:

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  1. Duros Says:

    Holy hell, it looks like a detention center with millennial Ikea bullsh*t. I thought they were going to be cool encapsulated coffin pods like in Neuromancer. (/sarc)

    Cost of living in the US is out of control. These people have to be on drugs, robot chipped or something, sharing a bathroom with even two people, schedules are eventually going to conflict.

    Zero Hedge had an article awhile back about closet “rooms” in apartments, that consisted of about the same amount of space per person, for some insane rate of like $500-800 per month in places like San Francisco and NY.


    It’s not that much better in the Midwest, in many places $550 a month gets you a hellhole, paper thin wall, stack and pack 1 bedroom apartment. NY is continuing to downsize apartments to 250-360 square feet, while murphying things to a seriously tedious degree.


    To me, this is simply ridiculous, if this is the financial reality of living in the big cities, why bother in the first place? Seems masochistic to me, I think there’s something in the water (especially NY).

  2. dale Says:

    Wow. I’d bet is this is going to succeed. Regarding the fart right below, yeah, my first thought was the bunk car from Hell on Wheels. But I can easily think of worse situations.

    At fourty to fifty bucks a night it’s hardly a bargain. Yet, cheap enough to force you into it. I lean toward the loner side – this would be difficult (to understate the issue). “You looking at me?”

    It’s the privacy, not the lack of space. I’ll take a 100 sq ft Tumbleweed house under a Douglas Fir any day.

  3. dale Says:

    You know, that’s a lot of people in a small space. Can the excess heat be used to generate electricity? Perhaps run some small electronics, or, maybe a parasitic alien civilization.

  4. pookie Says:

    That is a form of hell for an introvert.

  5. Dennis Says:

    Though I’m mostly an introvert, the live light and stay wherever approach would be attractive to me as a tourist, but the first thing I’d do is pin up some kind of curtain.

    Um…there’s a link on the webpage to ‘tattoos’…WTF!?

  6. tal Says:

    Huge rents in Hong Kong have seen more people living in ‘coffin’ homes

    Homes are tiny and are just 20 square feet in size with low ceilings


  7. tal Says:

    How Baring and Sharing Online Increases Social Conformity


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