PR1ME Mathematics: Singapore Mathematics in New Zealand for Homeschooling Families

January 15th, 2017

Quick homeschooling announcement…

If you’re homeschooling in New Zealand and interested in Singapore Maths, you will have no doubt noticed that getting the materials here is an expensive hassle. We have been buying the California standards edition materials from the U.S. and having them shipped over to New Zealand at astonishing expense.

Thankfully, those days are over!

Scholastic developed PR1ME maths for Australia and the materials are now available in New Zealand. If you contact Scholastic New Zealand by email, they will send you a pricelist and ordering instructions. They are happy to sell to homeschooling families.

Scholastic: PR1ME Mathematics

Via: The Australian:

SCHOOLS in Australia will be able to teach maths Singapore-style with the release next month of primary textbooks that set out the teaching methods responsible for taking Singaporean students to the top of international tests.

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