Bag of Chips Can Sense If You’ve Been Drinking and Call You an Uber

January 30th, 2017

Via: Mashable:

Tostitos’ new bag wants to chaperone your Super Bowl party.

In honor of the big game, the chip maker is launching a special-edition version of its packaging with a built-in sensor that can detect trace levels of alcohol in your breath.

If it decides you’ve been drinking — regardless of how much — an image of a red steering wheel appears on the otherwise stark black bag along with a reminder not to drive and a code for a $10 Uber discount (valid only on Super Bowl Sunday).

And if you’ve had so much to drink that the mere act of hailing an Uber becomes a difficult chore, the bag will even do that for you. The package is equipped with near-field communication technology that will automatically order a ride when tapped with a smartphone.

One Response to “Bag of Chips Can Sense If You’ve Been Drinking and Call You an Uber”

  1. Duras Says:

    I keep wanting to make fun of this, but it does all the work for me.

    The Idiocracy folder grows thicker. This is marketed towards those that can’t determine when they’ve started drinking or not?

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