DHS Quietly Testing Mandatory Facial Recognition of Passengers *Exiting* U.S.

February 27th, 2017

Via: Professional Troublemaker:

We’re all used to having to identify ourselves as we enter a country. It is the only way we can hope to have any attempt at a secure border. But, so-called “exit controls,” where documents are checked as travelers are leaving the country, were popularized last century by Nazi Germany as a great way to ensure that they could control, round up, and exterminate the Jews and other “undesirables.” It can obviously serve no purpose of keeping terrorists out, because it only affects those who are already in. The U.S. has never had exit controls, although they remain popular in Europe, Russia, and China.

Last week, privacy advocate and blogger Jeffrey Tucker posted his experience before a flight from Atlanta to Mexico:

Halfway down the jetbridge, there was a new layer of security. Two US Marshals, heavily armed and dressed in dystopian-style black regalia, stood next to an upright machine with a glowing green eye. Every passenger, one by one, was told to step on a mat and look into the green scanner. It was scanning our eyes and matching that scan with the passport, which was also scanned (yet again).

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  1. soothing hex Says:

    I wonder where’s the difference with your idea of a ‘secure border’ ?

    Anyway for francophone readers out there, here’s a very relevant, eye-opening to all special issue of Le Monde Diplomatique : http://www.monde-diplomatique.fr/mav/128/

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