Open Thread: Trump Wiretap Claims

March 6th, 2017

I haven’t posted anything about this because I have no idea what all the fuss is about.

Where is the uproar over the spook’s data center in Utah? Man, if you think that place is only used to store information gleaned from taps on foreigners, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Retroactive surveillance? Remember that one? It was a warning about what evil regimes would do with increasingly powerful—but cheaper—surveillance technology. And then we had parallel construction, which was met with a collective yawn and then quickly washed away down the memory hole.

Anyway, Trump’s tapped, you’re tapped, I’m tapped. We’re all tapped.

The news is almost unreadable because of this Trump wiretapping flap. All of my feeds are polluted with it. I’m ready wind down with green tea and an audiobook. Maybe you guys have something to add.

5 Responses to “Open Thread: Trump Wiretap Claims”

  1. savethepopulation Says:

    I’m with you on this one.

    I think the key is DIVERSION.

    All this crap is DIVERSION from something else.

    There’s always something else going on.

  2. Uncle Remus Says:

    I’m ready for someone else to be at the end my rope…

  3. dale Says:

    Diversion? That works for me. Unless the ordeal leads either side to consider data centers, retroactive surveillance, parallel construction, etc, then it seems like noise. Maybe it’s deliberately leading somewhere unknown?

    If you like the Raiders and I like the Seahawks, we could argue for eternity, over nothing (Christ I hate football). So diversion has to explain at least part of it. I do believe that Trump is no less a figure head that his predecessors. The difference seems that there is an internal war between factions. And maybe even that’s just a dark and twisted clusterfuck. One thing I noticed is that people seem to be realizing they have no control over current events. But they don’t seem to really give a damn what the media is screeming about.

    I got stuck watching a new soap opera series; Homeland (CIA). Overlooking some obvious paradigm propaganda, this disturbing and entertaining shit show depicts the USA (and other governments) as distilled sycophantic covens.

    The point is, there is no point. If the military industrial complex is calling the shots, maybe there is no strategy.

  4. dale Says:

    sycophantic; I guess that works, but I meant sociopathic. Regarding left and right, I’ve lost my ability to hate one side less than the other.

    I turn on the TV and see protests. “Right on” I think to myself, “what are they protesting, the leveling of Aleppo?” Then I hear the reality and shake my head. Still, I don’t think those misguided young folks are there to commit acts of violence. That’s another spirit altogether. You could sense those same ghosts mingling with the Tea Party, then Ocuppy, malheur standoff (actually, I think that one was 95% spooks).

    No point here, just ranting.

  5. savethepopulation Says:

    I think they’re also wittingly or not, normalizing surveillance and the destruction of privacy.

    Yes, the MIC train just keeps rolling.

    Trump’s wiretap complaint is trivial in comparison to the scope of surveillance today.

    He’d be just as happy to use it for his own pursuits, he championed surveillance in his speeches, so, yeah…

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