Facebook Envisions Using Brain Waves to Control Mobile Phones, Input Data at 100 Words Per Minute

April 20th, 2017

I already watch what I say around my mobile phone, so how about a brain computer interface from Facebook?

This is so far down the no-fucking-way path for me that it’s almost hilarious.

Even if people were willing to use such a thing, it’s not coming anytime soon.

Here’s why:

Long ago, I worked for a company that claimed to have technology capable of diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease through the analysis of an individual’s EEG data alone.

Hint: It didn’t work.

In addition to running IT for those bozos, I used to be the test dummy for the EEG machine that they were building in house.

Here’s the most basic problem with EEG: Hair. I routinely got buzz cuts so I had the shortest hair of anyone in the company.

Electrode position and scalp contact have always been, and probably will always be, a hassle with this technology. Never mind how noisy EEG data is. For the sake fo discussion, assume the “former” head of DARPA has some wonder algorithm that can tune everything out but what they’re after. She probably doesn’t, but assume she does. What I’m saying is that getting good EEG data requires a skilled technician to gel up and place the electrodes!

The End.

There are, of course, some sexy fashion options for helping with this

Here’s me:

I was last involved with that stuff 17 years ago and the current EEG caps look pretty much identical to what we had back then.

So, will Facebook ever be able to go from this:

to this?

…while maintaining the level of resolution necessary for their box to do its thing?

I doubt it, but maybe someday. Check back with me when Musk convinces people that elective neurosurgery is a good idea for keeping an edge vs. our robot overlords.

Via: Bloomberg:

Facebook Inc.’s research unit Building 8 is working to make it possible for people to type using signals from their brains, part of the lab’s broader effort to free people from their phones.

Regina Dugan, hired from Alphabet Inc. last year to oversee the lab, said that within “a few years’ time” Facebook aims to develop a system that can type at 100 words per minute, just from monitoring the brain, without using any kind of implant. The company is working with outside academics on the issue.

This would give “the ability to text a friend without taking out your phone or the ability to send a quick email without leaving the party,” Dugan said Wednesday at the social network operator’s F8 developer conference. The technology may not require thinking in actual letters, she said. The lab also is working on a way for people to hear through their skin.

“One day, not so far away, it may be possible for me to think in Mandarin and for you to feel it instantly in Spanish,” Dugan said.

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