DIY EV and Powerwall/ESS: Insane Deal on New LG Lithium Ion Packs

May 11th, 2017

Heads up for people doing DIY EV and ESS projects—and no need to hear from the Nervous Nellies.

Jehu Garcia grew up in Tijuana with a dirt floor in his house and a hole for a toilet. All day, the Nervous Nellies tell him that he’s going to blow himself up after poking his eye out. Unlike the Nervous Nellies, though, Jehu has been driving around his own electric VW microbus that he converted to electric by himself with ZERO formal education in electronics.

Go, Jehu, go!

Anyway, here’s the deal he found:

$1.09 LG Cells

$1.25 LG Cells

$1.75 LG Cells

I’d personally wait for some of these packs to get into the hands of the DIY community to verify capacity and discharge rate before ordering. A big unknown is the included BMS, but even if you have the scrap the BMS, we’ve never seen a deal like this on new, high discharge rate cells. Even as good as this is, Jehu is in contact with other large liquidators who say the situation gets even better from here. More and larger modules are on the way.

Unfortunately, this is U.S. only.

If you know of anyone in Europe and/or Australia who is looking to distribute these in quantities ranging from pallets to containers: Contact Jehu.

Note: I have no relationship with Jehu or anyone else related to these cells. It’s all just FYI.

Via: Jehu Garcia:

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