Guam: ‘Take Cover, Avoid Bomb Flash’

August 11th, 2017

Via: Reuters:

Guam posted emergency guidelines on Friday to help residents prepare for any potential nuclear attack after a threat from North Korea to fire missiles in the vicinity of the U.S. Pacific territory.

Pyongyang’s state-run KCNA news agency said on Thursday its army would complete plans in mid-August to fire four intermediate-range missiles over Japan to land near Guam as North Korea and the United States engaged in increasingly heated rhetoric this week over the North’s nuclear weapons program.

North Korea did not threaten Guam with a nuclear attack, but the crisis between Pyongyang and the United States has stirred fears that a nuclear conflict could break out in the region.

While the governor of Guam shrugged off the North’s missile warning and said there was no heightened threat, the government has issued a preparedness fact sheet.

In language that evoked the specter of nuclear conflict during the Cold War, the guidelines cover what to do before, during and after a nuclear attack.

“Do not look at the flash or fireball – It can blind you,” it said. “Take cover behind anything that might offer protection.”

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5 Responses to “Guam: ‘Take Cover, Avoid Bomb Flash’”

  1. djc Says:

    This is complete bullshit. The Koreans do NOT have the ability to send a nuclear armed rocket to Guam, let alone anywhere else. The news a few weeks ago that their missiles can reach the US is more B/S. We are being softened up for some kind of action against Nth Korea with this latest spin coming out of Washington & the Pentagon. I wonder if we’ll see a false flag op … I imagine the idiot in charge of Nth Korea suits the PTB for the moment.

  2. alvinroast Says:

    @djc I couldn’t agree more strongly. They do NOT have the ability and this is such obvious BS that I’m still in shock that any people in the US actually believe it.

  3. Kevin Says:

    I don’t think there’s any limit to what people in the U.S. will believe. Hell, look at 9/11. #boxcutters haha Only a complete imbecile would buy the official 9/11 story, and here we are, who knows how many wars and missing trillions later, with North Korea…

    The media could just as easily have said that Bin Laden’s ghost is going to swoop down on a magic flying carpet and sprinkle pixie dust on ‘Merica and, oh boy, it would be DEFCON 1.

    People like us would be called lunatics and conspiracy theorists for thinking that such a thing is nonsense.

  4. Miraculix Says:

    Are we finally witnessing the long-simmering proxy war with the Chinese on the Korean peninsula being “rebooted”, like so many other media franchises over the last decade…?

    Or is it yet another example of media-driven misdirection, drawing attention away from another theater where the action is more crucial to the larger economic interests that actually drive what is laughingly referred to as “foreign policy”…?

    Decades of Cold War propaganda (from all sides) teaches us that nothing distracts quite like the word “nuclear” and “missile” used in the same sentence.

    Got a potential PR problem brewing somewhere? Nothing diverts attention quite like pounding the limbic FEAR button again and again with words like “fission” and “fanatic”.

  5. cryingfreeman Says:

    I wouldn’t put it past the Deep State to pull off a nuclear false flag, maybe an EMP over CONUS, and pin the blame on Fat Boy.

    It wouldn’t matter if he took the credit or denied it. Either way, the Deep State controls the narrative and can frame the event any way it pleases to justify its next move.

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