Weekend Entertainment: Video Explorations Around Area 51

August 27th, 2017

Visits to the various gates of Area 51 comprise an entire genre of videos on YouTube. Click bait titles and corny theremin soundtracks are par for the course here. If you are interested in the topic at all, you have probably seen many of these. I’ve watched dozens of videos where someone drives up to one of the gates and takes video of the signs and cameras, etc. and then leaves. Sometimes, camo dudes are seen in the distance.

There are, however, a handful of videos there that are unique:

Father and Son Motorcycle Riders Held at Gunpoint by Camo Dudes at Back Gate

It’s pretty rare to see the camo dudes out of their pickups and rarer still to see them with guns drawn. This is the only video I’ve seen where someone has managed to have video rolling—on the spot—during a shakedown by the camo dudes.

This is a different incident where some imbecile drove over the line right at the waiting camo dudes. That video was filmed by another tourist who hadn’t crossed the line.

Having nearly bought the farm on the El Toro Marine base myself a couple of decades ago, I can tell you that the threat condition on the outskirts of Area 51 is relatively tame compared to U.S. Marines tasked with protecting nuclear weapons.

My guess is that security at Area 51 is setup in tiers, and that there are other checkpoints, more similar to what I encountered at El Tors MCAS, as one gets closer to the actual facility. Those mall security/private contractors at the outskirts probably aren’t allowed anywhere near the Holy of Holies/Underground Stealth Aircraft Research Labs/Lambda Cores/Aliens/Whatever Is Out There…

Which leads me to speculate about the white bus…

Christian Chases the White Bus

My guess about the white bus:

Since the actual base employees come and go via private 737 flights out of McCarran International Airport (see below), the white bus might be how the camo dudes get to and from work. The core facility is some dozens of miles (depending on the gate) further in from where anyone on the outside can reach, so daily bus rides all the way in would be pretty long and cumbersome. The camo dudes probably have a place near the main gate to suit up, punch time clocks, eat donuts, etc.—something like the buildings just inside the back gate.

Christian Encounters Unmarked Security on Private Property Adjacent to McCarran While Filming “Janet” Aircraft

The “Janet” flights have been common knowledge for decades. But Christian is the first guy I’ve ever heard of to find camo-dude-like-behavior outside McCarran.

Christian Notices Camera on Weather Station Isn’t Watching Weather Events

I love it.

Mines Around Area 51

There are countless deserted mines around Area 51. I’m not sure why I became so hooked on watching explorations of some of these, but I thought I’d include a couple here in case you want to check them out. I found it interesting that cold air would be billowing out of some of those mines while outside temperatures are sweltering hot. Maybe these could be great for teotwawki/shtf purposes…assuming the whole thing doesn’t pose a deadly collapse risk, which seems to be the case here. Your mileage may vary. Batteries not included.

The Explore with Us dude and his daughter go pretty deep into some of these mines.

Area 51 Rider encountered a recently deserted camp and climbing gear near some mines.

Anyway, you get the idea. You’ll find endless other videos branched off of those if you want to see more.

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