Bush Gives Horned Hand Sign While Being Photographed with the Queen

May 13th, 2007

Do you ever wonder if They’re just messing with those of us who notice these things?

What is Thy bidding, my Master?

Of course, you want to believe that some joker Photoshopped this, but here’s a screen shot that I took from the Telegraph’s web page with the story.

Via: Rumor Mill News:

Earlier today I ran across a picture posted somewhere on the web that showed President Bush giving the horned hand sign in photo of him and the Queen and Laura and Prince Phillip.

I wanted to make sure that the photo had not been retouched or edited/photoshopped in any way to add in the hand sign before I posted the information so I went and searched out the original photo and found it in an actual news story on an actual news organizations website…. I took a screenshot so that we could all see that it is indeed being ran that way in the mainstream media.

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  1. from hades : What is Thy bidding, my Master? Says:

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  2. Der Bush… at Vuck.net Blog Says:

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  3. dixdv Says:

    the “horn” sign poiting towards the ground is a traditional means of directing negative energies towards the ground; people do it as a means of protection against black magic, bad luck etc.

    that’s maybe why the satanic horn points upwards: the person wants to channel the negativities around (and use them afterwards?)

    bush may have some resentment against him in this royal community, he may be trying to avoid complications

  4. Big Daddy Malcontent Says:

    What’s the big deal? Commander Guy loves him some rawk, that’s all. Dude in the blue sash looks like has some killer budz.

  5. Bush is the Anti-Christ Says:

    That’s just Bush signalling to the other Illuminatists worldwide that he’s got the British Royals on board now too. A mere formality no doubt, as he had Tony Blair and the Mayor of London over at the Bohemian Grove last summer where, as all guests of the Bush family do, they pledged their loyalty to Satan.


    I think most fundamentalist Christians have figured out by now that they were had by Bush, and that he is the Antichrist(or would be, if he wasn’t so pathetically inept at mustering the organizational ability required of the Antichrist). But thats OK with them, since the Bible says even the elect will be deceived. And the fundamentalists are still hoping he fulfills the prophesies of Revelation, so that they can soon be raptured up to heaven before the Tribulation arrives, or at least before gas prices really go up.

  6. DS Says:

    Maybe this is communicating back to his 322 buddies in the affirmative…that whatever he was supposed to ask her she said yes.

  7. Gary Says:

    I think that’s also the sign for the Texas Longhorns.

  8. Austin Gal Says:

    Indeed it is…..”HOOK ‘EM HORNS”. But, that said, there’s no football game going on and it might be just be a tad bit immature to flash the sign at a formal gathering. Our commander immature?

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