Maxim Participates in Israeli Intelligence Operation Targeted at U.S. Men

June 21st, 2007

The newspeak is absolutely incredible! Mossad propagandists, operating out of the Israeli consulate in New York, are referred to as media consultants

Well, as U.S. Army theorist Ralph Peters wrote, the effect of media on young men, in terms of reaching national security objectives, “is destructive beyond the power of words to describe.” Keeping that in mind, an operation like the one described below makes sense.

Everyone knows about Israel’s relationship with the U.S., and how the U.S. is complicit in Israeli atrocities, but this is particularly weird. It doesn’t set the right kind of precedent when “friendly” governments run intelligence operations targeted at the civilian populations of other “friendly” governments. Therefore, this operation is, almost certainly, being run in collusion with U.S. intelligence.

Why now?

Has Iran finally run out of time? Is this part of the mindwar necessary to program the zombies about what they’re going to be supporting in the near future?

The Israeli regime isn’t run by war criminals and diabolical fascists. They don’t murder American activists with impunity. It’s all about self defense…

And hot chicks.

Via: International Herald Tribune:

A new Israeli public relations effort wants the country known less for its conflict with the Palestinians or for its myriad holy sites than for its beautiful women in uniform.

Or, more accurately, out of uniform.

A photo spread in the upcoming July issue of the U.S. lad mag Maxim features a roster of Israeli models, all ex-soldiers, photographed wearing very little in the cause of their country. Initiated by Israel’s New York consulate and headlined “Women of the Israel Defense Forces,” the campaign has already been criticized as inappropriate by some in Israel.

The Maxim shoot presents Israeli models like Nivit Bash, who apparently served in military intelligence — though the only remnant of an army career evident in her photograph on the magazine’s web site is a military-style black cap that matches a minimal swimsuit.

Gal Gadot, a former Miss Israel and army fitness instructor, appears sprawled provocatively on the ledge of a Tel Aviv high-rise.

The idea originated in the media office at Israel’s consulate in New York City, where research showed that Israel meant little to young American men.

“Males that age have no feeling toward Israel one way or another, and we view that as a problem, so we came up with an idea that would be appealing to them,” said David Dorfman, a media adviser at the consulate.

Maxim’s popularity with that demographic led to the strange partnership.

“Maxim was approached by the Israeli consulate to be a part of reshaping Israel’s public image, specifically because of our unmatched mainstream reach to men aged 18 to 35. We are pleased with the result of our work together,” the magazine said in a statement.

13 Responses to “Maxim Participates in Israeli Intelligence Operation Targeted at U.S. Men”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is beyond absurd.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Is bush going to act before his time ends.
    Or the next puppet will just carry on the script so there is no real hurry.

    And please can you remove the grey background
    it covers the text until all the page loads

    now to find the hot chicks..

  3. Glenda Says:


  4. GK Says:

    “Those who are not interested in politics will be forever ruled by those who are.” G Edward Griffin

    Your freedom is under attack. Even your freedom to read these words may soon be denied – all in the name of fighting terrorism, or crime, or drugs, or pollution of the environment. The greatest tragedy of our modern age is the decline of freedom throughout the world leading to the establishment of a modern, high-tech feudalism. Totalitarianism is in your future; and, to an alarming degree, it is already in your present.

    Free men are allowing this to happen because, presently, they are powerless to stop it. Even in nations where leaders are elected, the financial and political forces that supply them with money and media support receive more loyalty than those who merely cast their votes. While most people are content to fill their lives with work and play, there are those who have much larger designs.

  5. cliff Says:

    This eroticizing of the IDF’s conscripted women is already a small internet phenomenon… albeit, with more clothes:

    These photos look like the IDF is a college Spring Break.
    Chicks and guns, always been a good seller.

  6. DrFix Says:

    Based on what Hillary, and other power-mongers like her, has said. You can count on regulations on what can be said online in the future. Wouldn’t want ones “character” to be besmirched by a little thing like the truth.

  7. Peregrino Says:

    Shame, shame. The Old Testament clearly prohibits spilling the seed.

  8. A pragmatist Says:

    I hardly consider one, almost undoubtedly, accidental death of an idiot standing in front of a bulldozer for insane reasons (like protecting the same Muslims who want you and other infidels dead) “murdering with impunity.”

    If that were the case, wouldn’t Israel have just killed all of them? And wouldn’t they just kill all the Palestinians while they were at it?

    We really do need to take it easy on the buzzwords.

  9. Stephen Says:

    Thanks GK for that website!!..Your a true American!!!…

  10. hermesten Says:

    Funny how the ReichWingers choose names like “pragmatist.” But that name says a lot, doesn’t it? Hey, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, right?

    Funny how all these “pragmatists” don’t seem to have, or use, dictionaries. The American Heritage dictionary defines “impunity” this way: “Exemption from punishment, penalty, or harm.”

    Is it the “pragmatist” in me, or does “impunity” sound like a word that fits? But “pragmatist” gives the game away: apparently if someone like him judges you to be an “idiot,” killing you is justified, accidentally, or otherwise.

  11. just sayin' Says:

    Lotta hot chicks in National Socialist Germany. In fact, that has since become a fetish unto itself (“Night Porter Chic,” dominae wearing SS uniforms & stuff).

  12. ajv Says:

    @pragmatist…right on. TPTB may be exponentially more evil and dangerous than the crazy muslims but that doesn’t let them or their defenders off the hook. The enemy of my enemy is not neccesarily my friend.

  13. fallout11 Says:

    Pragmatist just fell off the turnip wagon.
    Just ignore him, and perhaps he’ll do us the favor and piss off.

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