Elmer Fudd Nation

June 16th, 2009

Via: Counterpunch:

If I was an oligarch and I wanted to buy my spoiled little shit of a son a toy that would make him laugh and laugh for hours, I’d buy him a middle-class American. Because Americans are funny the way all dupes and chumps are funny. You can trick today’s Americans time and again, and they always fall for it. And when you trick them, they stomp around dramatically and make a lot of blustery noise about “the people” who allegedly “aren’t going to stand much more of this” because “our founding forefathers bla bla bla” and of course the ol’ “you can fool some of the people some of the time, buttcha can’t fool bla bla bla…” Basically, if you’ve seen your Elmer Fudd, then you’ve seen your American sucker in all of his cartoon comic-foil glory: a sentimental buffoon, a harmless chump whose guns don’t fool anyone but himself.

Every day, Americans play the role of Elmer Fudd to the oligarchy’s Bugs Bunny–if you look at it from the oligarchy’s point of view, at least.

Exhibit A: Multigazllionaire scumbag Angelo Mozilo v. American Suckers.

Tuesday it was reported that Mozilo, the guy who destroyed millions of Americans’ lives and now faces fraud charges, is making American taxpayers—his victims—pay for his legal defense. Yup, Bank of America, which only exists thanks to tens of billions of taxpayer dollars, is using YOUR MONEY to defend Angelo Mozilo against YOU, the victim.

2 Responses to “Elmer Fudd Nation”

  1. Jack Says:

    While it would not doubt be highly satisfying for all involved if Mozilo got his Christmas canceled, it ultimately is pointless. He’s already cashed out and been put to pasture. The Countrywide front was not an effective operation anymore, and, like Madoff, Mozilo’s piece of the action has been taken over by others. Which is why the SEC is allowed to go after him now – he’ll get a show trial, and be acquitted, or maybe spend a year in Club Fed to keep up appearances, and then he’ll be free to rot (or turn completely to leather) on top of his enormous pile of cash. In either case, this attention on him now is just misdirection – because it would be no good for anyone (press, SEC or other ‘regulators’, etc) to look too hard at the scams that are currently active. Which sites like cryptogon will report on endlessly, and be completely ignored, until they reach their end game and blow up, at which point the misdirection game begins again. ‘Nobody could have predicted’, etc.

    For instance, I’m figuring the CIA/Afghanistan/heroin thing will go big around 2012, once the operation is mostly cleaned up, the documents shredded, and the primary people have moved on to other operations (Mexico, maybe? WAG there)

  2. remrof Says:

    America truly is and has been a nation of rubes, from alcohol prohibition onwards. We apparently don’t have the mental constitution to handle mass media.

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