What Happened to the Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (isgp.eu)

January 17th, 2010

Update: Apparently, the Site Was Taken Down Because of a Address Chance


January 18, 2010,

To those who were concerned,

As many of you noticed, ISGP has been down for a week. Eurid, located in Brussels, had withdrawn the domain because they somehow found out I wasn’t living at the registered address anymore. Don’t know how, because I’m still waiting for the regional public office to change my address in their own administration – so I can finally get my parking permit. It took some time before Eurid accepted the necessary documentation and put my site back up.

—End Update—

UPDATE: ISGP.eu Is Back Up

The site is back online and the WHOIS status is back to “Registered” (which is normal). The last update to the domain occurred January 18, 2010, 11:25 am (I’m assuming Central European Time).

* Queue Twilight Zone music… *

—End Update—

UPDATE: Bandwidth Exceeded on 4Shared Free File Sharing System

I will temporarily host the file on Cryptogon:

ISGP.zip, Size: 2,583 KB

—End Update—

The WHOIS status for isgp.eu shows:

Withdrawn: This domain name has been registered but has been withdrawn. It is temporarily inactive and may not be traded or transferred pending the outcome of legal activity.

Any legal action against Joël van der Reijden is likely taking place in Netherlands. I can’t, however, find any information, in any language, about what’s happening.

Fortunately, almost all of his work was still present in Google’s cache.

This file contains everything that was recoverable from Google’s cache of isgp.eu. The site has been taken down. I’d expect this file to be taken down as well.

ISGP.zip, Size: 2,583 KB

I have sent the data to Wikileaks in the hope that they can make sure that this information won’t get buried.

If anyone has any information related to what is happening with isgp.eu and/or Joël van der Reijden, please let me know.

If you have no idea what any of this is about, see the Introduction page from isgp.eu (Google cache).

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  1. Zuma Says:

    i hope wikikleaks itself survives.

    To concentrate on raising the funds necessary to keep us alive into 2010, we have reluctantly suspended all other operations, until at least Jan 18.


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