Virginia Tech Shooting: I’ve Already Seen Enough

April 18th, 2007

I thought that I should designate a single post to all of the Virginia Tech related analysis, to parse out some of the key signals from the noise. Within 30 minutes of actually sitting down to read about the incident, I had already seen enough.

At first, I was looking for—and found—indications of trauma induced mind control.

According to ABC News:

Lucinda Roy, a co-director of the creative writing program at Virginia Tech, taught Cho in a poetry class in fall of 2005 and later worked with him one-on-one after she became concerned about his behavior and themes in his writings.

Roy spoke outside her home Tuesday afternoon, saying that there was nothing explicit in Cho’s writings, but that threats were there under the surface.

Roy told ABC News that Cho seemed “extraordinarily lonely–the loneliest person I have ever met in my life.” She said he wore sunglasses indoors, with a cap pulled low over his eyes. He whispered, took 20 seconds to answer questions, and took cellphone pictures of her in class. Roy said she was concerned for her safety when she met with him.

She said she notified authorities about Cho, but said she was told that there would be too many legal hurdles to intervene. She said she asked him to go to counseling, but he never did.

One play attributed to him, called “Richard McBeef,” describes a 13-year-old boy who accuses his stepfather of pedophilia, and ends with the boy’s death.

In another, called “Mr. Brownstone,” three high-school students face an abusive teacher.

“I wanna kill him,” says one character.

“I wanna watch him bleed like the way he made us kids bleed,” says another.

The two plays were posted on AOL after a staffer named Ian MacFarlane, a December 2006 graduate of Virginia Tech, brought them to his editors’ attention.

MacFarlane said he was in a class with Cho in which students were required to post their plays online for peer review and comment.

In a different ABC News article, Brad Garrett, a former FBI agent / ABC News consultant, provided some interesting commentary:

The date of the first gun purchase will likely serve as the time of “some triggering mechanism that was very important” to Cho said Garrett, an expert on profiling murderers.

That made me want to read through the first ABC News article again, and I noticed something that I had skipped the first time.

Let’s look at Sun-Kyung, Cho’s sister:

Cho’s parents live in a townhouse development in Centreville, a suburb of Washington. They own a dry-cleaning shop nearby.

His older sister, Sun-Kyung, graduated from Princeton University in 2004. A source, who asked to be identified as a senior Administration official, said she works for McNeil Technologies, a firm contracted by the State Department to manage reconstruction efforts in Iraq.

Woh. Ok. Stop right there.

What does McNeil Technologies do?

Oh, the usual black bag intelligence agency cut out kind of stuff… Actually, there’s more here than you can shake a stick at.

The McNeil Technologies Services page lists the following categories: Language Services, Information Management Services, Program Support Services, Security Services, Intelligence Services.

I clicked on Intelligence Services first.

Intelligence Services -> Overview

McNeil”s Intelligence and Language Center (ILC) provides unmatched expertise in the areas of Intelligence and Language Services. The combination of Intelligence and Language guarantees our clients mission success.

Our services and capabilities include:

* Intelligence Architecture Operations in support of the US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC).
* Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) which supports the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and other government agencies, and
* HUMINT (Human Intel) operations in support of DIA, or with federal counter Intel outsourcing effort. Our
* Linguist operations, with linguists deployed in various theaters of operations,
* Translation operations which include document and website translation,
* Testing, Training and Research of language and cultural awareness.

Under Intelligence Services -> Key Solutions, we see:

HUMINT Operations:
Classified CONUS and OCONUS support by seasoned Intel professionals.

That means support for intelligence operations inside and outside of the continental United States.

Then we have:

Security Services -> Overview

The Security Center at McNeil Technologies is a dynamic and growing Center providing full spectrum security services.

* It is one of only three competitively-selected providers, and the only Washington-based provider of airport passenger/baggage screening services under Transportation Security Administration’s Screener Partnership Program. McNeil provides service at Greater Rochester International Airport.
* Physical Security which includes Access control, escorts, and Guard services, Electronic systems monitoring, as well as classified mailroom and package inspection.
* Personnel and Logistics Support is provided by MILPO operations
* Program Security consists of arms control and nonproliferation support, treaty vulnerability assessments, and support of Balanced Survivability Assessments
* McNeil Security Inc. – For more information about the McNeil Security subsidiary go to the website at

Cui bono? Who benefits? At some point in the future, would a company that provides physical security for large organizations benefit from what just happened at Virginia Tech? It’s obviously just a coincidence that the sister of the shooter works for a large provider of these services. Right? A company with more publicly stated connections to U.S. Intelligence than you can shake a stick at… A company that is providing ongoing support to current U.S. Intelligence operations…

Feel free to keep clicking around on that site, if you dare. Intelligence operations. Physical security operations at airports and top secret government facilities. Government document declassification. Handling of information related to weapons of mass destruction… It goes on and on.

I’m not trying to sell you a set of steak knives: But wait, there’s more.

Who/what owns McNeil Technologies?

According to the McNeil Technologies About page:

In July 2004 Veritas Capital acquired McNeil Technologies and its subsidiaries.

Veritas Capital is a private equity investment firm headquartered in New York. Founded in 1992, Veritas’ primary objective is to partner with experienced and entrepreneurial management teams to develop leading companies in their respective markets. As a long-term investor in the defense, aerospace, and government services sectors, Veritas has established a Defense & Aerospace Advisory Council consisting primarily of former high-ranking government and military officials. The Council provides Veritas with insight into industry trends from both a business and policy perspective. Veritas’ principals bring over six decades of collective investing experience through a variety of economic conditions.

With over a $ 1 billion in investments, Veritas is able to offer unprecedented resources to its portfolio companies to help them satisfy their clients’ requirements.

Moving on to Veritas Capital, again, take your pick of what to look at there, but with two board members being associated with the Council on Foreign Relations

Like I said, I’ve already seen enough.

UPDATE 1: 4/19/07: Is the South Korean Film Oldboy Somehow Related?

I know I said that I’ve already seen enough, but it’s actually difficult to keep up with the rest of the news without bumping into this story.

The New York Times posted a brief story about how Cho appears to be imitating a scene from Oldboy, a 2003 South Korean film. I gathered the appropriate images from Cho’s “multi media manifesto” and Oldboy.

Cho and Oldboy?

If you don’t know what Oldboy is about, you might think pfft!, so what, two Korean dudes with hammers, God damned conspiracy theorists… I’ve never heard of the film before today. What’s it about? See for yourself. The parts about forced drugging, psychological torture and split personalities caught my attention. But to the growing number of people who insist that this has nothing to do with mind control (really! you conspiracy theorist whackos should just get a life!), this is just another coincidence. * yawn * Of course, your results may vary.

UPDATE 2: 4/20/07: Comment Moderation

This post is attracting the WRONG kind of traffic, and lots of it. The troll population has literally exploded.

So, some rules about comments:

1) Make sure your comment is on topic. For this post, it would help if you’ve read at least some of the literature on U.S. Government mind control programs.

2) If you have a personal issue with me or Cryptogon, comments on posts aren’t the place for that. Feel free to send me an email if you want. I may or may not respond. (Why not start your own I-Hate-Cryptogon blog, with round the clock coverage of why you hate Cryptogon? That may be a more productive use of your time.)

3) Be polite to other users.

4) Read rule #1 again.

UPDATE 3: 4/23/07: Cho Attended Same High School as Another “Lone Nut” Shooter

And the shootings occurred within one year of each other.

To quote the story, “It’s just a horrible coincidence… It’s hard to believe.”

But is it really that hard to believe?

Is it?

In general, when lies are told to Americans, everyone knows that there’s no point is telling small lies. Tell them whoppers. Tell them nonsense that wouldn’t even fly in a nut house full of raving lunatics. The more absurd the lies, the more Americans have to believe in multiple, ridiculous ‘coincidences’, the more readily they will internalize the programming. For people who managed to believe the Mohammad Atta magic passport story, and so many other absurdities, this will just be another walk in the park.

Via: Chicago Tribune:

Fairfax County, Va., police investigators said today that Virginia Tech gunman Cho Seung-Hui was a 2003 graduate of the same high school attended by an 18-year-old who went on a shooting rampage last year at a Virginia police station, killing two officers.

Michael Kennedy, armed with an AK-47, fired more than 70 rounds in the parking lot of the Sully District police station on May 8, killing Det. Vicky Armel and Master Police Officer Michael Garbarino. Kennedy was shot to death by police.

Cho and Kennedy lived in Centreville and graduated from Westfield High School, said Officer Courtney Thibault of the Fairfax County Police Department. She said Cho graduated four years ahead of Kennedy.

Once Cho’s identify was released by police in Blacksburg, Va., home of Virginia Tech, Thibault said Fairfax County police launched an investigation to determine if there was any connection between the two shooters. She said they found nothing tying the two young men together.

“It’s just a horrible coincidence,” she said. “It’s hard to believe.”

UPDATE 4: 4/27/07: System Planning Corporation Involved with Investigation

System Planning Corporation is such a profoundly spooky outfit that it creeps me out just thinking about it. But I’m sure that it’s just another coincidence that one of DARPA’s largest contractors—a private company involved with some of the U.S. Government’s blackest projects—is involved with the investigation into the Virginia Tech shooting.

Via: Washington Post:

An Arlington County consulting firm that evaluated the emergency response to the 1999 Columbine High School shootings and other public safety crises has been hired by state officials to assist the panel that will investigate the Virginia Tech massacre.

TriData Corp. will provide staff and research support to the eight-member panel named last week by Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D). Kaine, in Northern Virginia yesterday for a community meeting with the South Korean ambassador, met privately with Philip S. Schaenman, TriData’s president. Schaenman said the contract terms are being worked out.

A division of defense contractor System Planning Corp., TriData is best known for studying fire safety issues. But it also conducted a study for the Federal Emergency Management Agency on police and emergency medical response to the shootings at Columbine, in which two students killed 15, including themselves, at the Colorado school. The report pointed out problems with communications and management of the disaster scene.

The firm was retained by Virginia officials to review the chaotic response to a false positive anthrax test at the Pentagon’s remote mail facility and a similar alarm at Defense Department sites in Fairfax County in March 2005.

Again the firm concluded that poor communication and unclear chains of command hampered coordination between federal officials and local jurisdictions. Schaenman told a congressional committee that the response was “the homeland security version of the fog of war.”

More: Cho Seung-hui and the Not So Secret School

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  1. starviego Says:

    The doctor tending the wounded in one hospital said they had all been shot three times. If that ratio holds for the dead victims, then you have 45* gunshot victims X 3 shots per victim = 135 hits for 170 rounds fired. That is simply an incredible level of accuracy, even for an expert shooter.(I have enough experience with the .22, 9mm, .357, and .45 to attest to this.)

    Also, at least two interviewed victims commented on the speed with which the clips were reloaded, one used the word “trained” to describe the gunman’s actions. Others commented on the extreme speed with which the gunman emptied his clip at the stunned victims. Yet any shooter knows that speed and accuracy are mutually exclusive.

    Some reports say the killer opened the door and looked into three of the four effected classrooms before he started to fire. And survivors in three of the rooms claim the killer attemted to re-enter after his initial killing spree. This is also strongly indicative of a trained, professional killer. But where would Cho have received such training? Perhaps this poster has the answer:
    My dad told me today that on MSNBC, between the time they identified Cho by name and the time they got the package, they said he was an ex-Marine, ex-Navy. Dad said they never mentioned it again, but he remembers it clearly because he immediately thought PTSD and even discussed it later that day with his counselor at the VA.


    *Interestingly, wiki is reporting that 61 people were shot:
    During the two attacks the gunman shot 61 people.

  2. SK Says:

    Check out
    for details on the shooting

  3. T-Unit Says:

    Just remember: the test of any good, scientific theory, conspiracy or otherwise, is to seek out information that DISPROVES your hypothesis.

    That being said, I admit that immediately struck by oddities of the case, such as the number of people killed (33), the fact that apparently little was done to secure the school two hours after the first two shootings, the fact that this amateur was so deadly with a pair of handguns (I myself have been to the range a number of times with handguns, and know that this guys kill rate is extremely unlikely for his alleged experience level).

    Also, anyone else notice that Blacksburgh falls close to the 77th Meridian (nearly a straight line through Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, et al)?

  4. Bob Says:

    Did Cho have an accomplice or was he set up?


    1. In order to shoot 2 to 3 shots with both guns in the hand, accurately, the person must be a professional shooter.
    (Colombine incident included 2 people, 3guns, 900 shots=13 deaths)

    CSH(Cho Seung Hee) was never trained in the army
    If you have shot a gun before, you would know
    it is hard to fire a pistol so accurately, in such quick time

    CSH had only bought the guns a month before the shooting. How is it possible for him to shoot so well?

    2. Emily, reported to be his former girlfriend, is actually not his girlfriend

    3. Emily was not related with CSH in any way, but he went to her dormitory and killed her.

    4. Cho’s body had 2 shots in the chest, 1 in the head
    There are 3 common ways of suicidal with gun
    1)shooting from the side of the head
    2)shooting through your mouth
    3)Shooting from under your head

    The usual suicide would have shots in the side of the head or the face, usually. CSH, however,
    had a bullet stuck in the back of the head

    Most people who were fired at got 3 shots
    CSH, was found with 3 shots in his body just like any other victims

    It is extremely hard to shoot yourself multiple times after being shot in the chest or the head. Again, CSH had 1 shot in the head, 2 shots in the chest

    Why was he shot 3 times, just like the others?
    does it make sense that he was shot in such a way?

    5. There was no witness to the suicide scene
    the survivors in the scene had run out of the classroom (he said the killer’s eyes were not Asian)
    -this kind of explanation were ignored

    What’s the truth?

    6. Nobody saw CSH’s face

    7. The witness’s say CSH was an Asian with a mask on, and was about 6 ft tall and big

    8. The gun vender described CSH as an Asian. Period.
    There were no films of CCTV, and no other evidences

    9. The vender said he had sold 50 bullets to CSH
    There were 62 deaths and injuries
    There was no one who died was shot less than 3 times
    (32 deaths x 3 shots/death….30 injuries x 2 shots/injury…60 extra bullets)

    Calculated, CSH must have had more than 200 shots to make this incident true

    10. The killer had erased the code on the gun. The receipt for the purchase of the gun was found in the killer’s bag. What are the possibilities of the killer keeping the receipt for the gun after a month?
    If anyone would take effort and time to erase the code on the gun, wouldn’t they be careful enough to get rid of the receipt? (It’s not easy to erase the code. It takes few seconds to get rid of the receipt)

    11. The witnesses said the killer did not wear, nor carry any bags. CSH, did have a bag

    12. Obviously, the video he had sent, was not made by himself. Even New York Times pointed this out.

    13. According to the Police, the gun at the incident was automatic. Watch the videos and hear the sounds. It’s all fired with single shots.

    Think about it. There are about 10~15 rounds in a pistol, and there were 32 deaths, with 3 shots in each. With both pistols in both hands, it is impossible to reload. Watch the video, it is constantly fired.

    14. CSH had no friends at all, according to a student. Before a few days of the incident, he was with 3 other Americans. Who were they?

    15. In the news, CSH had done this for the hate of the rich people. If this is true, he could have simply shot the classrooms. There was no reason for him to go to the dormitories and kill 2 people, who were not in any relations with CSH.

    And why did CSH, after the first shooting, make the video and walk around the school to send it, and then go to the 2nd shooting?

    16. When CSH’s body was found, his ID was PRESENT, it was there. Why was his identity reported later on?

    17. The Witness’ sayings do not match correctly. Some say that they did not hear the gunfire in their building, but other say they heard it from that building.

    18. The photos which were sent to NBC do not match CSH’s face.
    Observing the eyebrows, eyes, and the face shape, it is different. Some say it’s because he has his glasses off. Look again, it does not match CSH.

    19. CSH’s body was found with the 28 dead bodies in the classroom. The only survivor said, the killer had run away after killing the 28 people, while CSH was found dead with the other dead bodies

    20. The classroom, dormitory, hallways, school gate, the gunshop.
    The films of the CCTV were NOT exposed to the public. WHY?

    So What’s wrong with the reports/news?

    -2 guns/amature, yet many students died and many were injured as a professional shooter would have done it
    -According to the witness, CSH had apparently left the classroom
    -CSH was found dead in the classroom
    -The gun code was erased
    -The receipt for the gun was found in the bag

    These are the theories I’ve made about this

    -CSH had bought the guns for someone else?
    -The killer knew CSH did not have a positive social life
    -The killer decided to use CSH
    -The killer had planned this out to keep himself covered

  5. elsss Says:

    Check this out. Here is CNN caught red-handed censoring original Blacksburg video documents. Compare the two vids below by comparing the sound at the time the camera aims at the ground and sees the lines in the sidewalk. Different voice, different gunshot sounds. First guy even goes “Whoah!” where the CNN voiceover goes “Man.” On the original video there’s no way that big shot or explosion is either a .22 or 9mm. This is entirely worthwhile for someone with any video experience, unlike me, to put next to each other in one vid and post. I think this is sort of a bid deal actually.

    original (note at :55 the many shots and final boom – says “Whoah!”)

    CNN (note the fewer shots, no boom, and says “man.”

    UPDATE: The guy, Jamal Albarghouti, says in the CNN interview that the gunfire didn’t sound like it was coming from the building you see with all the cops around it, but further away, however, he thinks they used a bomb or something to open one of the doors to get in. I’m guess that’s what we hear in the unedited version. I don’t know, and don’t think Jamal knows either. However, fact is these are different audio tracks on this video.

    Anonymous Posted: 2007/4/26 19:19 Updated: 2007/4/27 7:17
    Re: Is this Seung-Hui Cho in a U.S.M.C Uniform?

    Note Added By AOP: The first video linked here is a fake of sorts it is a still image of a building on the VT campus with the audio from one of the camera phone videos.

  6. The Virginia Tech Conspiracy Blogger Says:

    It’s quite an interesting compilation you have here. It’s also good to see that more people are looking at the evidence for a government cover-up, whatever form that takes.

    I’m also dealing with this subject in my personal blog:

    Pay us a visit some time for more information.

  7. Prissy Says:

    Interesting…good job on the research too. I’ll be linking your article!

  8. starviego Says:


    What is your source for your statement:

    “CSH had 1 shot in the head, 2 shots in the chest”?

  9. DC Says:

    Yes, I too agree with FVK.
    I am currently a soldier in the Canadian Forces and I have been weapons trained, C7, browning etc. And I can easily say, using a pistol in each hand is not the easiest of tasks.

    Firing approximately 177 rounds, with a pistol in each hand and high probability of weapon jamming, and assuming he was an amateur at weapon handling, I don’t think this all adds up. Plus according to that doctor who spoke publicly, the victims all had no less than 3 bullet wounds. That’s unbelievable that an amateur with two weapons could do that kind of damage in 25 minutes.

    I also have heard that Cho Seung Hui was found with bullet wounds in his back. I don’t know how that happened, unless police were able to get to him, but why wouldn’t they release that information publicly then?
    (This source comes from a korean pastor who worked in Cho Seung Hui’s family’s church. He has been speaking publicly about this tragedy in Canada this week).

  10. DC Says:

    Rose, what the government can gain out of this is not only public opinion, BUT stronger control of the economy.
    The US and South Korea have been in a quarrel recently about imports from korea to the US. Apparently, South Korea doesn’t want to continue imports with the US and this put the US in a bind. Therefore, by using specifically a South Korean and knowing that these tragic events really move people, they are hoping that the ties between the US and South Korea will become a little stronger or have South Korea at its knees to the US for the tragic incident.

    That’s one way of looking at it.

  11. Rose+From a psychic Says:

    Hey I know that some of you are either going to think I’m nuts or
    stupid or both, but a few days ago I had a dream about mind control,
    don’t really remember the dream, but the dream woke me up, and I have
    this feeling like this information is going into my mind, it felt like
    my mind was being control, it’s hard to explain but it was really

    I had to shake my head to stop that feeling or whatever it was, you
    should have seen the look on my cats face who was sleeping near me,
    she was scared and wanted to get out of my room.

    I may not know what is going on exactly but something is going on, the
    look on my cats face is enough proof for me.

    p.s. by the way my cat hates going outside, she likes to sleep indoors
    all the time lol.

  12. exod-us Says:

    Memorandom on Virginia Tech Massacre No.3: David Kim, the Reverend Who Has Three Faces

    I’m running after the Virginia Tech Massacre with an assumption that it might be part of some clandestine operation. Now I’m sure that I’m approaching the truth. It is well known that the sister of Cho Seung Hui the killer was a member of Manna Christian Fellowship in her Princeton University days, and her mentor Rev. David Kim is working for the public relations of the incident to advocate on the behalf of the perpetrator’s family [1]. The reverend is affirmatively a Korean but who he is? Here are some facts.

    (1) David S. C. Kim: According to wiki [2], David S. C. Kim was the first president of UTS (the Unification Theological Seminary), which serves the Unification Church [9] through graduate education in theology and related subjects, as well as by sponsoring ecumenical conferences. His term of office was 1975-1994. According to an inner article [3], in 1979 he was appointed to the head of “elders” of the first Summer Seminar on Unification Theology but afterwards replaced with Rev. C. H. Kwak by Moon.

    (2) David Kwangshin Kim: According to wiki [4], David Kwangshin Kim was born in South Korea, graduated from Seoul National University, and became a businessman in US. He allegedly met Jesus Christ at the age of 42, abandoned his business and entered Talbot School of Theology. He founded the Grace Korean Church in 1982 with three families. It spread their missions through Grace Ministries International, and now churches have been planted all over the world, as 2,000 in Russia, 600 in Africa, 3,000 in China, 1,000 in Vietnam and many more in South America. As to Korea missions came in rather late as 2004, when Seoul Grace Church was established. Grace Korean Church is known by its aggressive mission and the systematic brainwash program called Basket Operation. Seoul Grace Church’s policy does not require any membership of the church to the students, and all of the students are encouraged to work as members of other churches.

    (3) David H. Kim: According to a report in Princeton University’s daily newspaper, the Daily Princetonian [1], David H. Kim is the director of Manna Christian Fellowship at Princeton University. The society began over 10 years ago, and has historically heavily Asian-American membership. Its members also get together for ad hoc socializing, including movies, bowling, ice-skating and eating [5]. The fellowship was founded by Rev. Wellington Boone, who has since formed The Wellington Boone Ministries and has been deeply involved in the radical right-wing evangelical movement. Boone is also a member of the Promise Keepers movement, a phallic worship cult, promoting the total submission of women to their husband. [6][7]

    Here we have three religious facilities, CTS (Unification Theological Seminary), GKC (Grace Korean Church) and Manna (Manna Christian Fellowship at Princeton University), which share the same name “Rev. David Kim” for their heads. By coincidence? Uncertain. Now Let’s examine the time-line of the activities of these reverends. Apparently the Manna activity at Princeton University begins shortly after the end of the term at UTS. It is not unreasonable to suppose that Kim’s presidency of UTS became nominal to some extent since 1979 when he dropped from the elders head. If this hypothesis is true, then all the three activities line in a raw.

    1975 1979 1982 1994 2007


    || |


    Through ’70 and ’80 Unification Church [9] awfully pervaded in Japan, and left behind 6500 missing persons allegedly abducted by the cult. The estimated total damage is over 1 trillion yen ($8.4 billion). In the period an enormous amount of money was smuggled out of Japan to US. Moon and his followers penetrated the US society pouring the money generously into their ecumenical movement like UTS, religious right wings like Promise Keepers [6], and even Afro-American religious leaders like Wellington Boone. The total money spent in these arena is estimated over $3 billion. In the middle of ’80, Moon was imprisoned in US for tax evasion. The period of the expansion of Grace Korean Church is exactly over wrapping. As mentioned above the income of the GKC is little from the inside membership dues. Then where did such power money come from to extend its branches all over the world. The presumable answer is just one, i.e. came from Moon.

    Unification Theological Seminary is boldly an affiliate of Unification Church. Manna Christian Fellowship links to Promise Keepers, an ultra-right militant organization via the Afro-American mentor Wellington Boone backed up by Moon. [6] Grace Korean Church ostensibly seems to be a genuine Christian church but in a considerable certainty it is a disguised front of Unification Church expanded through the brainwash tactics and power of money inherited from Unification Church. In the view of development flow, it seems like shifting toward more moderate form as CTS (front of Unification Church) –> GKC (kind of Christian church) –> Manna (Christian social activity) but the nature is unaltered as the link between Manna and Promise Keepers.

    At present I have no foundation to identify those three persons one and the same, but isn’t it natural to appreciate that a single man named “David Kim” has relocated in each time using an alias along with the flow of the time? Yes, a suit of photos is enough. However as they say that even the president had the plastic surgery in the country [8], the facial appearance of the man might have been altered together with his aliases.

    [Update] According to the survey article by the Religious Movements in Virginia University [9], David Kim had already come to Eugene, Oregon, as early as in 1959 for the first time, where Young Oon Kim, who was the first missionary of the US, had established a bridgehead of Unification Church. Miss Kim had been a spiritualist and converted in very early stage of the church as 1954, when the church, the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC), formally founded. Miss Kim and her group translated their sacred text, the Divine Principle, into English.

    [1]Cho ’04 calls campus friend (DAILLYPRINCETONIAN.COM, 2007-04-19)
    [2]Unification Theological Seminary (WikipediA, 2007-02-19)
    [3]Lost World Of Unification Studies (True Parents Organization, 1999-01-30)
    [4]Seoul Grace Church (WikipediA, 2007-04-24)
    [5]Manna Christian Fellowship Highlights (, manna)
    [6]News – Cho ties to Manna Christian Fellowship (The Conspiracy Theory Blogger, 2007-04-21)
    [7]’Promise Keepers’ Mind Control Techniques (Educate-Yourself, Mind Control)
    [8]S. Korea Sees Boom in Male Plastic Surgery (, 2006-04-16)
    [9]The Unification Church (Religious Movements, 2001-09-05)

  13. exod-us Says:

    Memorandom on Virginia Tech Massacre No.4: Is Rev. Moon sending nukes next?

    Below is the excerpt (slightly modified) from a dialogue with ellroon, the administrator of Rants From The Rookery. I posted my previous entry in a whole to his blog. He kindly read it and put some questions to me.

    > babalabo, that is truly creepy and awful, but what is your point?

    Falling into a depth of fantasy/illusion is not what I want, but what they (War Beneficiaries) conspired against us. That is, to promote mutual distrust and bring chaos in a region is their accustomed tactics. Currently we have two origins of all-out war, Palestine (broadly Middle East) and Korean Peninsula. As you may notice both are prepared/embedded for the next and presumably final world war just after the WWII. Europe had held their own flash point, but extincted by themselves, i.e., Berlin Wall and established EU. I don’t know if the WWIII is inevitable, but I think that it is our responsible to prevent the war from coming into Far East.

    North Korea carried out a nuclear test October in the last year and now 6 Party-Talks is going on. We fear that North Korea would be perceived as a nuclear power like Pakistan or Israel in the international community, and the situation is effectively proceeding towards the direction. This simply results revision of our Peace-Constitution and nuclearisation, while I think that North Korea and US war-mongers are actually collaborating for this purpose. This is my point. Incidentally Unification Church holds Armageddon vision in their minds, as well as Christian fundamentalists.

    > That the Virginia Tech gunman was a Moonie?

    I don’t know. It may be or may not. But it is very probable that Cho had been mind-controlled even in rather early time. It is told that he was abnormally wordless, that might be a symptom of a failure of mind-control. It is well documented that Unification Church was a front of KCIA, which CIA fostered. Moon strongly ties with Kim John Ill (as well as with Bush) mentally and financially. Of course these organizations provide expertize of brainwashing and mind-control. At the least Cho must have been financed by someone for his spending, purchase of weapons, renting a car over a month, hotel fees, etc etc, in a few months before the event as it seems that his emigrant poor family did not afford that.

    > If he was a Moonie and Rev. Moon thought it was a good idea for one of his followers to go on a rampage, the next question is why?

    As above. Do you remember Tokyo Subway Sarin Gas Attack by Aum Supreme Truth? On the morning of 20th March 1995, the cult released sarin in a co-ordinated attack on five crowded trains during rush hours in the Tokyo subway system, killing 12 commuters, seriously harming 54 and affecting 980 more. It is verified that the cult had a tie with Unification Church and traded with North Korea. Aum shared the Armageddon vision with Unification Church. I don’t claim that Cho was a Moonie, maybe he was just a victim. In Cho’s case personal motivation cannot be neglected, but it’s just a preface. You may know that the sister of Cho is an employee of an US intelligence agency, McNeil Technologies, that is too serious to miss.

    > To cause the collapse of American society and bring the second coming as Moon has indicated he desires?

    I’m not Moon, so I cannot answer you what exactly his desire is, but I suppose that he is behaving himself as an Anti-Christ described in Bible consciously or unconsciously. By the way the church formally declared that Moon is the prophesied Messiah in 1992. The coronation of Rev. Sun Myung Moon as Emperor-Messsiah took place at Dirksen Senate Building in Washington, D.C. on March 23, 2004. Can you imagine how much money have poured into your politicians?

    > Didn’t happen. It will take a lot more than one lone gunman to destroy this culture.

    Yes, of course. They are doing much by spending your money (US tax).

    > We get one of these massacres every few years or so, stagger about for a bit, and then continue on.

    Someone said that 33 in US is a massacre, but 100 in Iraq is a statistic.

    > Is Rev. Moon sending nukes next?

    On 17th April, the very next day of the VT massacre, Nagasaki Mayer was shot and dead by a member of a criminal syndicate in our country. Our security authority is investigating the background of the incident. Some findings are demonstrated but no direct evidence of involvement of Unification Church so far. It is suggested that the criminal may be a Korean. As you know Nagasaki is our holy place commemorating the disaster of the atomic bomb, i.e., a place for aspiring lasting peace. I cannot help reading a very malicious message here.

  14. Yo Says:

    exod-us, So far, there is no Moonie connection to be made. Where is it documented that Wellington Boone (Promise Keepers) is backed by the Moon organization/Unification Church?

  15. exod-us Says:

    > exod-us, So far, there is no Moonie connection to be made. Where is it documented that Wellington Boone (Promise Keepers) is backed by the Moon organization/Unification Church?

    In a big picture Moon is just a clown crowned with a disgraceful cap. [1] Even though Boone might be much smaller figure than the reverend. I know neither if he was given a check of Moon nor in the first place he had met the self-proclaimed Messiah as it was said “Silence is what Moon is buying”. [2] But it is sure that he was in the circle [3], i.e., within the Animal Farm.

    Bishop Wellington Boone is a steering committee for the Coalition on Revival (COR), an organization founded in 1984 by Jay Grimstead. The Coalition is a network of evangelical leaders from every major denominational and theological perspective who share a vision for and a commitment to worldwide revival, renewal, and reformation in Church and society. [4] COR’s basic mission is to encourage and help the universal Church of Jesus Christ to obey God’s Cultural Mandate and the Great Commission. COR’s founding director Dr. Jay Grimstead also helped found the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy. [5]

    A number of Promise Keepers leaders have ties to extreme Reconstruction and Dominionist movements including the controversial Coalition on Revival. [6] To see the deep-roots of Unification Church over the US evangerical movements, I’d like to scoop merely a handful of sand by quoting from the article [7]. In this article the author Eric Jewell, an investigative reporter, affirmatively described “Coalition on Revival” as a Moon sponsored organization.

    Tim LaHaye
    Co-author of the Left Behind book series, which depicts a person as being saved even after receiving the mark of the beast. Thinking this to be a fluke, in a conversation with his co-author Jerry Jenkins at the official left behind website in their message board section, we were told their position is that it will be ok to receive the mark of the beast as long as the recipient of the mark is not a worshiper of the beast. These men are influencing millions, and now no doubt countless thousands are embracing this doctrine as scripturally sound. Are they preparing the church to receive the mark of the beast? It would certainly seem so. I have asked Tim LaHaye several questions recently concerning his relationship with the Rev. Moon and the intelligence community. At first he denied sitting on any board with men associated with the Rev Moon, but when faced with evidence showing this to be untrue he now remains silent.

    LaHaye is a central figure in marrying evangelical churches with the Rev. Moon and the intelligence community.

    He was a principal in the American Freedom coalition, which was a Moon sponsored group, and claimed by Moon as an arm of his network. He was also associated with the Coalition on Revival, and the Heritage foundation, both of which were also Moon sponsored. After this association was made public, he resigned from the AFC, (though his name was not removed when he resigned), and tried to distance himself from Moon in the public eye.

    He was also a principal in the Coalition of Religious Freedom, where he spoke out for Moon during Moon’s incarceration for tax fraud, asking hundreds of evangelicals to go to prison to support Moon if allowed by authorities. He was also on the original board of directors of Falwell’s Moral Majority, which was also tied through its members to the intelligence community, and Ren Moon’s Unification Church.

    LaHaye also founded the American Coalition of Traditional Values, which was touted as a Christian organization, but was extra-ripe with Moon organization board members, and the intelligence community. He then went on to found what was his hallmark organization, The Council for National Policy. This was an infamous moment for LaHaye as the most powerful intelligence and National Security community members were melded with the church, and it was literally filled with evangelical leaders who sit in organizations sponsored and founded by Moon. This Council went on for the next 2 decades to both work affecting national policy as well as movements within the protestant denominations, affecting nearly every evangelical church directly or indirectly.

    This coalition has even been involved with Oliver North, who was a member of CNP, and his CIA sponsored Central American mission of covertly toppling governments and then restructuring them (3). LaHaye has also been with the Council of 56 Religious Roundtable, which is another cover organization grouping together Moon’s representatives and the U.S. intelligence community. LaHaye is, at my last finding, also a member of the National Religious Broadcasters which is filled with evangelical leaders tied in with Moon and U.S intelligence.

    [1]Conguring of the Beast (GROUNDZERO, Clyde Lewis)

    [2]Writing Conspiracy History: Lists Are Not Enough (Gary North, CephasMinistry/Library, 2002-03-01)

    [3]Moonies Update (Atheists of Silicon Valley, Atheist Debate, Dialogue and Books)

    [4]Fuller’s Evangelical ‘Think Tank’ CONTINUED (Seek God, 2001-07-31)

    [5]“Godly Men” With a Dominionist Agenda (Conrad F. Goeringer, American Atheist, Vol 32 No.2 Spring 1997)

    [6]Justice Sunday III Speaker Backgrounder (People For the American Way, RIGHT WING WATCH)

    [7]The Unholy Alliance – Christianity & The NWO Part III (, Eric Jewell, 2002-03-22)

  16. babalabo Says:

    //MOD Censored? WTF are you talking about?! Stop making stupid accusations.

    > So far, there is no Moonie connection to be made. Where is it documented that Wellington Boone (Promise Keepers) is backed by the Moon organization/Unification Church?

    I’m afraid that this blog is censored as my reply disappeared. If you like check out the URL below. Here is my blog where I posted my answer to you.

  17. exod-us Says:

    Mr. Moderator: I’m sorry. I just made a conditional reflex as my post looked like disappeared for the moment…

  18. Eastfist Says:

    The massacre is a conspiracy, the corrupt power-hungry politicians’ assassination of my character. I used to be a columnist.

  19. Clay Says:

    First of all my condolences to the families of the

    Alot of good work has gone into this thread.

    Poeple please note a socalled independant investigation has been formed. Lets see what they leave out. Or fail to investigate. This is where most coverups are unmasked.

    A coupla’ observations. Since I quit watchin’ television dec 01.(It lies) I haven’t seen the full manifesto. But what I have seen is interesting in that:

    The Cho in the vids sounds like he’s reading a script. In some places he sounds like he doesn’t believe what he’s saying,or want to say it. Forced? Interesting bit there fer’ sure.

    Also the brickwork and paint behind cho is of a govt specification.That I’ve only ever seen before in jails. I’d like to know where this was filmed. Was it in his dorm?(Note the thin layer of mortar,the quality of the paint) Maybe nothing there though….

    Another thing you may note in 1 pic. Cho is holding what appears to be 2# glock 9mm’s. Why didn’t he use both of them? Did he just borrow 1 for his photo shoot?

    Filing serial no#? Goodness thats an aweful stupid thing to do. Onna’ legal handgun? The penality for filing serial no# is almost that of murder. Greater in some places.(Federal offense anyway) Another thing to note is on most metal componites the serials can be raised with acid. Then he has the reciept in his pocket!?Showing it was a legally purchased pistol.WTF! That oughta’ get the gun control poeple going inna’ solid uproar. (I know glocks are mostly plastic and some grades of stainless raising serials is difficult)Still its dumb to remove these numbers even on stolen pieces or even dirty pieces there is a good chance they’ll never be run through the computer,or even reported stolen. Possesion of a firearm with filed serials is a federal sentence thats certainly very very nearly automatic. So why did he bother? Was he really that stupid?

    Why did it take a week for the cops to decide how many rounds were fired? Where did Cho get the other three boxes of cartridges?

    Why have the Cho films been pulled from major net work websites?
    Why does the photo of Cho that was posted,I believe @cnn not look like the Cho in the films? Was it the same Cho? Later given “The Treatment”? Or was it a diffrent person altogether?Though he doesn’t look like a very happy young man. He bears little resembilance to the Cho in the films. And why has this photo been pulled? Did cnn just post a photo of an unhappy asian?

    At anyrate as we’ve seen with 911. There is a group of poeple who profit greatly from these media events and they do have an agenda.

    I hope you’ll all forgive my observations. Not to mention typos and misspelling. Thank you for the great thread.

  20. exod-us Says:

    Clay, I really want to read Cho’s full manifesto. They say that it contains so many weird words, but I believe that it would shed light on the shadow of the event.

  21. Clay Says:

    @Exod-us: Yeah I’d like to see the full unedited manifesto. And all the text parts of it too. To see if anything more can be gleaned from it.

    Still I know something caused this and I have some serious reservations about it being because rich kids were picking on him. Or anything else the mainstream media has tried to blame it on.
    Most of it has been proved wrong anyway.

    The breach in security protocol also has me wondering.(I’ve seen that before somewhere)

    Still even if his handler came forward and confessed. Nothing would be done! (Seen that before too.)

    Besides beyond circumstancial,conjucture,
    observations and motive we really have no hard evidence. (Yet)

    Still I would be very surprised to find any conclusive evidence suggesting he wasn’t a mind controlled human bomb. I’ll keep poking around from time to time maybe post up an observation.

    I have a bigger easy to prove conspiracy to try to make poeple aware of if possible. And everyday something isn’t done about it a certain agenda moves forward. Regardless of weither or not Cho was programmed. His actions helped them with this more than he could have ever guessed.

  22. Says:

    At Pellissippi State Tech College in Tennessee, a teacher and students were laughing at a student behind his back, for threatening the shoot people at school. They had no intention of reporting this threat, so I did. Then a uniformed cop, from a county outside the schools jurisdiction, wearing a gun, sat beside me in the empty library, and admitted on hidden audiotape that he was not a student. Then an active-duty TN Army National Guard soldier (not ROTC), in uniform, sat beside my in class, before “dropping out”. When I was active duty USAF, we were never allowed to wear uniforms off-base or off-duty. I’ve never seen this before or since in 5 years of college. My online test scores were also tampered with repeatedly. So I may have stumbled across a govt psyop.

    News for the memory hole – Will the REAL Cho please stand up:

    Gunman kills 32 at Virginia Tech before being killed
    Chicago Sun-Times
    Sneed hears authorities were investigating whether the gunman who killed 32 people in a rampage on the Virginia Tech campus was a Chinese national who arrived in the United States last year on a student visa. The 25-year-old man being investigated for the deadliest college carnage in U.S. history reportedly arrived in San Francisco on a United Airlines flight on Aug. 7, 2006, on a visa issued in Shanghai, the source said. Investigators had not linked him to any terrorist groups, the source added.

    Professor Texe Marrs PhD, US Air Force Intelligence, reports that Korean Cho was the shooter, but that Cho was the one who was in Communist China. Texe Marrs has authored and sold MILLIONS of books, including college textbooks.
    RADIO BROADCAST TODAY: Without Bang or Whimper

    Top DARPA contractor to staff V-Tech ‘review panel’ – Kaine appointed retired Superintendent of Virginia State Police Lt. Colonel Gerald Massengill to lead the independent committee review board on Wednesday. Also named to the board was former secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, as well as several specialists in the fields of higher education, violent behavior and medicine. In addition, Kaine said that TriData Corporation will provide research and staff for the review panel. TriData was founded in 1981 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of System Planning Corporation. The two corporations are collocated in Arlington, Virginia. System Planning Corporation is a Virginia based corporation that conducts research and produces electronics and computer software for the United States Department of Defense and other federal government agencies in the support of National security. SPC is one of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s largest support contractors. The company has supported DARPA virtually continuously since the company’s founding. SPC provides systems engineering, technical analysis, and support services to most of DARPA’s Technology Offices.

    DARPA.MIL LOGO – Nothing like the US Govt’s official logo of Illuminati’s All Seeing Eye of Lucifer to inspire confidence in DARPA’s honesty and integrity.

    Cathy O’Brien wrote extensively on DARPA projects for torture-based mind control, including at CIA’s underground base in Blacksburg Virginia. She and her daughter experienced the torture personally. Her daughter was lobotomized at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Over 2.5-MILLION US citizens are genocided at death camps in USA EVERY YEAR.

    “QKHILLTOP was a cryptonym assigned in 1954 to a project to study Chinese Communist brainwashing techniques and to develop interrogation techniques. Most of the early studies are believed to have been conducted by the Cornell University Medical School Human Ecology Study Programs. The effort was absorbed into the MKULTRA program and the QKHILLTOP cryptonym became obsolete.”
    -U.S. Senate Hearing on MKULTRA, Appendix C, QKHILLTOP DEFINITION, 1973

    “The concepts involved in manipulating behavior are found by many people both within and outside the Agency to be distasteful and unethical. Nevertheless, there have been major accomplishments both in research and operational employment. Over the ten-year life of the program many additional avenues to the control of human behavior have been designated under the MKULTRA charter, including radiation, electro-shock, and harassment substances. Some activities raise questions of legality implicit in the original charter. A final phase of the testing places the rights and interests of US citizens in jeopardy. Technical Services Division initiated a program for covert testing of materials on unwitting US citizens in 1955. TSD has pursued a philosophy of minimum documentation in keeping with the high sensitivity of the projects. Some files contained little or no data at all. There are just two individuals in TSD who have full knowledge of the MKULTRA program, and most of that knowledge is unrecorded.”
    -MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Central Intelligence
    FROM: CIA Inspector General, NB 108-113, 26 July 1963

    “We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain.”
    -Dr. Jose Delgado, Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School prof and CIA mind control scientist, Congressional Record, No 26, vol 118 February 24th, 1974

    Tonight on MSNBC was an excellent example of the 100% incompetence and corruption of police and prosecutors in solving a simple murder. Instead they locked an innocent man in prison for 7 years, and refused to arrest the real killer, who was already in prison and proven guilty by DNA, who already had multiple convictions for raping little girls:

    ‘Killer Instinct’ – A housewife became a pseudo-CSI investigator in a quest to exonerate her wrongfully-imprisoned husband. Could she find the real murderer?
    This report aired Dateline Sunday, March 11, 7 p.m. (repeat 5 May 2007)
    SUMMIT COUNTY, OHIO – This is the story of how one ordinary woman transformed herself into a would-be C.S.I. investigator and embarked on a dangerous mission which would split her family. It was a mission in which she would take on police, prosecutors, and the state of Ohio in her relentless quest for justice. In 1999, Clarence Elkins was convicted for the rape and murder of Elkins’ 58-year-old mother-in-law and the rape of his 6-year-old niece. He always maintained his innocence.

    I gurantee you that many of the V Tech victims and families are starting to ask these same questions, and they are the ones doing much of this research, just like the 9/11 families.

    Still pushing… The Jersey Girls are still 3,000 signatures shy of bringing their petition to Congress. Our site has almost 9,000,000 hits. There’s gotta be 3,000 of you that haven’t signed it. What’re you waiting for?

    Read Pentagon’s declassified Operation Northwoods, to see Uncle Scams’ signed confession to using snipers and shooters to terrorize USA, and blame innocent patsies. And CIA planned to bomb US cities, hire enemy soldiers to attack US military bases, and explode robot airliners by remote control, with fake funerals for CIA passengers who did not die.;page=1

    Pentagon and NATO’s Operation Gladio bombed many West European cities after World War 2, up to the modern day, killing 100s of innocent civilians, to blame innocent “enemies”.

    School board politician bombs US school – 45 dead at Bath School Massacre – Entire school was prewired with bombs. Virginia Tech Massacre is kindergarten compared to what an elected member of a government school board did to little children in Michigan USA, using a controlled demolition of 1-ton of pre-installed explosives, plus a suicide car bomb.

    On the morning of May 18, Kehoe first killed his wife and then set his farm buildings on fire. As fire fighters arrived at the farm, an explosion devastated the north wing of the school building, killing many of the people inside. Kehoe used a detonator to ignite dynamite and hundreds of pounds of pyrotol which he had secretly planted inside the school over the course of many months. As rescuers started gathering at the school, Kehoe drove up, stopped, and detonated a bomb inside his shrapnel-filled vehicle, killing himself and the school superintendent, and killing and injuring several others. During the rescue efforts, searchers discovered an additional 500 pounds (230 kg) of unexploded dynamite and pyrotol planted throughout the basement of the school’s south wing.

    When psychopathic gangsters are running local, state and fed govts, all crimes point back to those criminals, since they literally license all crimes. Only when a criminal fails to purchase a license to rob, rape, steal and kill, does gangsta govt make an arrest, like Al Capone whacking a local scumbag who failed to pay his cut.

  23. emlon Says:

    Report in News Daily that Cho’s Mother had tried to have “religious cure” performed at church.

  24. starviego Says:

    I posted about the death of another VTech student above(see #72). Quote:
    “Comment: It wouldn’t surpirse me if this kid was an eyewitness who saw stuff he shouldn’t have and was talking about it.”

    Well, it turns out that Soriano had just left Norris Hall [b]right before[/b] the shooting started.

    local tv station interview:
    –Enrique Soriano, victim’s father: “[b]He almost got killed in that massacre because he just left the building[/b]. He was in Norris Hall before the rampage started.”
    — Enrique Soriano: “He almost got hit in that massacre, because [b]he just left from that building[/b] where the massacre is, so he was so lucky.”

    Of course! Out of about 26,000 students, the one that gets ‘accidentally’ killed may have indeed witnessed something interesting as he left the building, such as people coming or going, or someone chaining the doors.

    No word on the other car he was allegedly racing at the time of the crash, or who those ‘relatives’ were who witnessed the crash.

  25. Nina Says:

    V Tech Panel Whitewash


  26. Arthur Says:

    I think you have over looked the fact that there was “33”, victims. 33, as in 33 degree Mason.

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